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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

What facial cleansers have you used?

I have been using Soap and Glory Face Soap and Clarity for some time now, but it apparently is not going to be sold by Sephora anymore and there appears to be no where else to buy it.  I really liked it because it cleared any acne scars and red marks I had on my face.  


Does anyone know of a similar product that you have tired and like?  Thanks


Re: What facial cleansers have you used?

Aveda's Enbrightenment cleanser is gentle (non stripping, nondrying) and helped clear up redness for me.  I liked it quite a bit and it lasts FOREVER, and has a small hole to dispense so you don't use way more than you need.  Loved that.


Also - I haven't used the cleanser yet but Dr. Weil for Origins has Mega Mushroom line with a cleanser, and the other products in the line have been great for redness for me.


Finally, Sheseido's White Lucent mask and treatment liquid worked great to fade marks for me -- I didn't try the cleanser but liked the other products.

Re: What facial cleansers have you used?

SK II facial gentle cleanser is awesome. Use it with the FTE and you are good. I have been trying to upload photo on Sephora(even my DP!!) but it wouldnt let me. 


I never had any bad break outs tho but my skin is pretty dry. Since SK II is too expensive here in USA and i am not working, i am depending on my husband to buy all my stuff Smiley Sad 


using philosophy purity at the moment, pretty good stuff. Tried neutrogena but it dries my skin even more and it x clean as much. I also have clarisonic cleanser but havent got the chance to use it. 


Olay was alright too. It's also from the same company with SK II, which is P&G.


I would also recommend you to add clarisonic in ur beauth regime. My husband bought the Mia 2 from Macy's last BF and after using that little thing, my skin appears to be more fairera and clean. 


Good luck! 

Re: What facial cleansers have you used?

I also love Soap and Glory Face Soap and Clarity. Their entire skincare line is highly underrated imo. I'm still mourning their Night in Shining Armor cream. Best. Product. Ever.




My all time favorite facial cleanser right now is NARS Purifying Foam Cleanser, which is really gentle on the skin and leaves my complexion feeling baby soft.



I also really like the Milk Proteins Foaming Cream Cleanser. I agree with TeemaB, it's very gentle and smells lovely.

Whimsically yours,

Re: What facial cleansers have you used?

Recently I've been using very gentle cleansers for my face since my skin tends to feel tight after washing it in the Winter. My current favorites are 
KORRES Milk Proteins Foaming Cream Cleanser. Its sooo gentle on the skin and melts my makeup off! Now that its winter my skin feels so tight after i wash my face but this is so gentle I can use it to remove eye makeup and not get irrritated. It also leaves your face feeling soo clean without making it feel like its stripping your skin dry!

Re: What facial cleansers have you used?

I agree -- the Fresh Soy Face cleanser is really gentle, and I've had great results with it and the clarisonic.  I just bought some bentonite clay last night because I got a horrible break out, and I can already see it's working.  It was like $7 for a huge tub of it.  If you have problems with oily skin I'd recommend it. 

Re: What facial cleansers have you used?

I was fortunate to buy the soap and glory clarity face soap in a travel size before it ran out. It was pretty decent. I just bought it for that, perfect for on-the-go. Currently I use Murad's clarifying cleanser, but I'm in process of switching entirely over to skyn iceland. My skin does the best on it. I was really bummed when sephora quit selling it, fortunately ulta sell its online.

Re: What facial cleansers have you used?

My tried and true cleanser is Philosophy Purity Made Simple. To me it seemed to have a bit or a rose scent, which I did Not like at all but it worked so well I suffered through it and got used to it. There are some products with scents that I haven't been able to conquer Smiley Sad.  My only issue is that sometimes I feel a little bit dry after cleansing, this doesn't happen on a regular basis, thank goodness.  I leave time between cleansing and applying my skincare and makeup so if it feels a bit dry or tight I go and rinse some more and then I'm good to go. Maybe this would do the trick.

Re: What facial cleansers have you used?

I've used so many cleansers... because I love cleansing and I think its soo important. I switch it up just like shampoo after every bottle. 


  1. Kiehl's ultra facial cleanser: this one was okay, nothing special, but nothing bad either. did its job 
  2. Peter Thomas Roth anti aging: This one was also pretty good. my face is clean after use, and little bit goes a long way. didn't break out from it 
  3. Origins checks and balances: This is one of my FAV cleanser. it cleans realli well, my face feels refreshed and tight love it 
  4. Clarins gentle foaming was one of the better ones too. very gentle but does the job
  5. Philosophy purity made simple: didn't like it. didn't like the ingredients. it did a good job of cleansing, but still didn't like it. it broke me out 
  6. Dr.Bronner's magic soap. this one is more than awesome. made of hempseed, coconut and olive oil? I think? and it does a really really great job. 
  7. Clinique: both the bar soap and liquid soap was pretty bad; one of the worst I've used. I don't know why, but I wasn't impressed with how I felt afterwards 
  8. Shiseido deep pore is also really great. skin feels so great after 
  9. Neutrogena anything was one of the better drugstore cleansers. not too drying but effective. 
  10. Biore was really harsh. I used it when I had bad breakouts but it made my skin really red and ;; idk dry 
  11. Burt Bee's cream cleanser? is a hidden gem. Omgsh it leaves the skin feeling so cool and refreshed 

Re: What facial cleansers have you used?

I am currently loving using Fresh Soy Cleanser in the morning, and Philosophy Purity in the evenings. I believe that both cleanse and tone, so I don't need to buy a separate cleanser. However, they give a very squeaky clean feeling that not everyone enjoys. I always feel like I need to apply a moisturizer right away. 


The Fresh Soy Cleanser is a bit expensive, so I tried it out in this set.

Re: What facial cleansers have you used?

Oh no! I saw the minis were out of stock and was hoping they'd get more. I order one with almost every order :/

Re: What facial cleansers have you used?

I have used a ton, purity, dhc mild soap, vichy normaderm, boscia... They are all nice but i always come back to olay cleansing cloths for oily/combo skin. I cut them in half and they are perfect! 7 bucks for a month worth of am&pm cleansing with exfoliation bult in. My skin is oily combo pores clog easily. I hope you find a new product that works for you soon!

Re: What facial cleansers have you used?

Before getting my Clarisonic, I used these cloths, too.  Works super great, and if it weren't for me having to put out only $20 of (not even my own) money for a Mia2, I'd still be using this stuff.  Unless they've reformulated, I highly recommend this stuff for anyone worried about acne/clogged pores.


ycornejo - think your product might have been discontinued, at least in the US Smiley Sad

Re: What facial cleansers have you used?

Saturnwings-Do you like the Clarisonic?  I have heard mixed reviews and had thought about purchasing it.

Re: What facial cleansers have you used?

Sorry for the late reply.  Hope you're still checking this!


I have mixed feelings about my Clarisonic, and I will say outright that if it weren't for the fact that I didn't spend my own money, that machine would have never been bought.  


I love the fact that the Mia2 allows me a little more laziness in my routine.  Before, I would have to be very careful and vigilant about exfoliation and using the right cleanser, moisturizer, etc.  Being lazy for a day or two meant blackheads and pore that were far more visible than usual.  With the Clarisonic, I think maybe there's a slightly better result but nothing I could put a finger on.  The real use is in being able to just use the machine for a minute or three each day and remembering to exfoliate at least once each week.  Also, I've been able to move to more gentle cleansers (ie, not more aggressive ones meant to wipe your pore clean) so that's nice, too, since it means no issues if I skip out on toner.


All in all, with enough people completely loving it, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend getting one.  However, as a personal opinion, I'm pretty sure what I get in the Clarisonic is the ability to be lazier, not better/more clean skin.  Of course, this is all based on the fact that I already had a routine that worked for me when I got my Mia2.

Re: What facial cleansers have you used?

I looove my Clarisonic. I like that they offer different brush heads for different needs. They have regular, deep pore, sensitive skin and acne skin, I thinks that's it. I like that you can change up and use one brushhead in the morning and a different at night, like when I'm removing makeup. I also don't stick to the 2 minute cleansing time, it doesn't feel like it's enough time to really get everything, so I usually go a bit longer. I think you'd like it.

I recently got an email from them re: a sale or promo, don't know if it's still going on. If you didn't use your $15.00 off promo you could use it for this. Another option is getting it from QVC, that's where I got mine. They have some really nice packages with various mini skincare products from different brands. They usually do a TSV around the holidays so it's a lower price than usual, I don't know if they've done one recently, I haven't been watching that much. Maybe you want to call their customer service and ask if they've done one if there is an upcoming TSV  or other special of some sort. The other nice thing is that with QVC is that you can often get it on easy-pay, so you get the item but pay for it over a number of ,months. (sorry Sephora, just trying to help a girl out if she's in a cash strapped situation, hope that's okay. She can always come back and buy her brush heads and products from you Smiley Happy ) Hope you try it and love it. Smiley Happy

Re: What facial cleansers have you used?

I haven't tried the Soap & Glory cleanser, but I think the Caudalie Instant a Foaming cleanser and the Fresh Soy face cleanser are amazing! Smiley Happy I also have acne-prone skin, and these 2 cleanse my face thoroughly w/o drying Smiley Happy

Re: What facial cleansers have you used?

Thanks someone else mentioned the Fresh Soy Face cleanser and I'm looking into that...kind of pricey but if it works, I'm happy with it.


Re: What facial cleansers have you used?

The Fresh Soy Face cleanser and the Clarisonic are a PERFECT combination Smiley Happy Hope you'll find your HG cleanser soon!

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