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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Toothpaste breakouts?

I was going to post a pic of my lips so you ladies can tell me, "Yes, do that!" or "No! For Heaven's sake, no!" in regards to lining or concealing but I'm experiencing breakouts right along my lip line.  I'm still waiting for the first one to go away and now a second one appeared this morning.  These pimples are practically on my bottom lip!  I've had a lot of breakouts in my life but never on my lip line before.

I couldn't find my usual Crest Pro-Health in cinnamon the other day so I grabbed Crest Complete cinnamon instead.  It's the only thing I can think of that I'm doing differently.  Has anyone else ever experienced this?

Re: Toothpaste breakouts?

Absolutely! Toothpaste is a common cause of acne around the mouth/chin.


Are you using any new lipglosses/lipsticks/lipliners?

Re: Toothpaste breakouts?

@crazyzee RN - I can't remember when I opened my PTR Un-wrinkle Pink Ice Lip Balm.  It was before the new toothpaste though.  I guess I'll have to stop using both until the breakouts clear and then see which one makes me breakout again. 

Re: Toothpaste breakouts?

Check the ingredients on the crest toothpastes & compare them. Many times they all have the same ingredients, just a different name. (Crest, under P&G is notorious for this) 

Re: Toothpaste breakouts?

Hi Kalex,


Yes! I have experienced this too. I have invisaline and have to brush my teeth after every meal and have noticed a lot more break outs around my chin and mouth area. If I'm at home, I rinse my chin and mouth area and apply a toner to prevent any breakoutsSmiley Sad

<3 Melissa

Re: Toothpaste breakouts?

The only thing from the toothpaste right off the bat that comes to mind for me that might cause an issue is if a cinnamon oil or additive is used that's strong enough to irritate your skin/lips. I've had this happen with a couple of peppermint infused lip products, but it's very random, sometimes a product will take a month of regular use before a break out and sometimes in a matter of a week.


Are the pimples/breakouts red/swollen or more along the lines of a whitehead?

Re: Toothpaste breakouts?

@dannyc - I did compare the ingredients thinking that since they're both Crest they'd have mostly the same ingredients and I could maybe pinpoint which one was causing me issues.  No luck though - the ingredients are very different.


@Melissa - I guess I'll have to start doing that too!


@lylysa - They're both cinnamon toothpastes but since the ingredients are so different I can't be sure what it is.

They're whiteheads.

Re: Toothpaste breakouts?

It helps! I know it can be frustrating thoughSmiley Sad Especially when you're wearing make up.

<3 Melissa

Re: Toothpaste breakouts?

@kalex- Have you just started using one and been using the other one for a while? You said the ingredients were so different so that could definitely be what is doing it.

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