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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Tiny bumps on face! URGENT HELP requested.

Hi All,


To cut a long story short: Here's what it is. I have combination skin and I was using Clinique's DDM gel. All was good until I decided to change to Caudalie. I have been using the Vinoperfect radiance regimen along with the energyzing concentrate. It broke me out. In the sense, my forehead erupted with tiny colorless bumps all over and it has spread on my cheeks too! Smiley Sad So my once upon a time smooth skin has become ancient history and my face feels rough with the bumps. I initially thought my skin was purging but it hasn't stopped for over a month. Also I have noticed my forehead has lots of tiny blackheads which are easily removed by scrubbing but I usually never had much blackheads at all! :/ Currently, I'm only using ole henrikson cucumber toner with clinique gel and my skin feels still rough with the bumps all over.


Did anyone experience this? Or can you tell me what is the cause and how I can prevent it? Not sure if this helps, I use my clarasonic mia 2x daily. Please help me get back my smooth, flawless skin. It's killing me! Smiley Sad


Thanks a lot Ladies and Gentlemen!


Re: Tiny bumps on face! URGENT HELP requested.

recently I put some lotion on my face, a fragrence lotion and had the same result.. I recommend seeing a dermatologist for any skin concern, you never know how long it may last and a RX might be the best thing for it.. it could be an allergy too, sometimes we get allergies later in life to a thing that never bothered us before.. if you overwash your skin that irratates it too.. I am sure you know much of this info, being on Sephora's board to chat.. also drink lots of water, I know, I know that is the most generic tip Ever but it really helps clear up acne, and skin rashes too!! Good Luck..

Re: Tiny bumps on face! URGENT HELP requested.

I had the same reaction to Clinique's toner. First my forehead and then my cheeks and chinbroke out in tiny, itchy, colorless bumps. I immediately stopped using both the toner and the Retin-A I usually use before bed, instead slathering my face with moisturizer (Philosophy Miracle Worker) both morning and night. After a couple of days, most of the bumps were gone and my skin felt soft again. Then just as an experiment to see if it really was the toner, I used it again. Bam, more bumps. Now I'm returning it. 

Re: Tiny bumps on face! URGENT HELP requested.

It sounds like it could me milia.  Little white bumps, or milia, are keratin-filled cysts, or simply little globs of protein under the skin.  There are generally two types of milia.  Primary milia may result from oil glands that have not fully or properly developed.  Secondary milia result from trauma to the skin.  I would recommend you go to a dermatologist to see if you indeed have milia because milia has to be healed from the bottom up with medications or other treatments your doctor recommends.

I hope this helps and good luck. Smiley Happy

Re: Tiny bumps on face! URGENT HELP requested.

Sounds like the product switch needs to be unswitched!



I  agree with previous advice; See a doctor about your skin (A dermatologist is ideal, but the ones I use have 2-to-6 month wait for the visit!)  For all we know, the bumps may be unrelated to your skin care change, though it's the most likely.  I know a girl with these bumps on her arms, which have never left her; Getting the problem looked at now may save you much misery in the future.


For the blackheads, I suggest picking up Sephora's 3-in-1 pore extractor.  This $22 tool may look unhelpful, but it's a secret weapon.  Use the thin loop to push/pull/drag-out clogged pores, which are the first step to any acne issue.  Don't force an extraction, and keep cleaning and checking the loop, which will make it easier to confirm the pore was cleaned.

Re: Tiny bumps on face! URGENT HELP requested.

Saw a derm and I'm under anti biotics.... YAY.... my face is clear yeah. (:


I think seeing a doctor is wayyyyyyyyy better than spending $$$ in sephora with the hopes of clearing blemishes! I use Cetaphil from Wal mart per my doc's advice... just 5 bucks and it makes wonders! Wow! o_O

Re: Tiny bumps on face! URGENT HELP requested.

i used caudali only one week and i have more breakouts and white and black head and i thought it is something else but it is def caudali and now i m going to stop it.

Re: Tiny bumps on face! URGENT HELP requested.

Thanks Everybody. Caudalie is the culprit. It made me break out and thankfully it's not Milia as a reviwer posted. Just annoying clear bump pits on my forehead and cheeks...they are going away! Yay!!


I appreciate all your responses. Smiley Happy

Re: Tiny bumps on face! URGENT HELP requested.

The tiny clear, colorless bumps sound like milia, which is caused by dead skin cells getting trapped.  The fact that you also now have blackheads when you previously didn't makes it sound like your switch in skin care is causing clogged pores.  Go see a dermatologist to get properly diagnosed.

Re: Tiny bumps on face! URGENT HELP requested.

If your skin is irritated it is going to send signals to produce more oil (causing more blackheads if pores contact dirt.)  I feel like little white bumps are often more hormonal related.  Either way you may want to calm down on the exfoliating and just use a nice Gentle approach so you don't upset your skin anymore than it is.   

Re: Tiny bumps on face! URGENT HELP requested.

Your skin is probably purging itself from the new product, although it might also be an allergic reaction. Oftentimes, people believe that they have an allergic reaction to something new that they try, but it is simply their skin getting used to the new product.


If it bothers you a lot, switch back to your old product, and you should be fine. But if you're really set on using your new product, then continue using it to see if it goes away. I'd say to give it a week! HTHs

Re: Tiny bumps on face! URGENT HELP requested.

Check and see if that product you switched to has fragrance in it. If so, then your skin might be having a reaction to it. Also I read a while ago in a magazine that if you have oily skin your not suppose to massage the face so much because it causes the oil glands in the face to produce more oil which whill cause more clogs and so on. I would say go back to using Clinique, dont use any facial cleanser that has a fragrance, make sure you use a oil free moisturizer. I would use the Clarisonic machine in the morining and at night. If you need to clean the face again between that time, use a toner if you dont have on makeup. If you have on make, well theres no way to clean the face at that time. Just blot off the access oil.


It really sounds like your having one of my allergic reactions to face cleanser and makeup. And its always the **bleep** fragrance.

Re: Tiny bumps on face! URGENT HELP requested.

Thanks a Bunch CwoTani. I'm allergic to Caudalie! Smiley Sad I don't know what's in it to make me break out but ever since I quit using it and started with clinique's DDMG and Clarasonic Mia, I'm kinda getting better.... Gotto return all the Caudalie products back to Sephora....uuugghhh... it took $150 + to make me break out! Ggrrrr....

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