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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Tea tree oil for acne?

Hi all, Just wondering if anyone here has actually tried tea tree oil for acne?  How did you apply it, and did it work for you?  I've been really curious about it as I've never tried it before but have heard good things.  But it's also confusing because I'm not sure how much you're supposed to use, is it for all over or just a spot treatment, etc.  I bought a little bottle of 100% tea tree oil but it seems like you should dilute it with something else first?


Would love to hear any experiences people have had with tea tree oil!

Re: Tea tree oil for acne?

If you get distilled water and put it in a misting spray bottle and add a few drops of tea tree oil, it makes a spray that will help control oil.  


Play around with how many drops you use, start with 1 drop per ounce use it for a week or so and see if it is effective, not causing problems, etc.  Then you can add more if you feel you need it.  I'm using about 2-3 drops per ounce and it works well for me.  I keep it in the refridgerator which gives it a calming benefit if you have any redness.


Sulfer is still the best thing I've found for actual blemishes, this is more of a preventative treatment.        

Re: Tea tree oil for acne?

Nice! I used to use tea tree oil on my skin. I bought something that came in a roller ball. I stopped using it when I realized that, on the one hand, the roller ball was applying product to my face, adn on the other hand, sucking in a bunch of dirt and dust. After about a week, the contents of the product looked like a breeding ground for bacteria, and now I hate rollerballs, lol.

Don't ever apply an essential oil directly to your skin. Essential oils are the product boiled down to its most potent point and it's too intense for your skin. Look up recommended dillution ratios online and do that. From there, you can use it as a toner, a mist, or if you're intent on only using it as a spot treatment, you can dip a q-tip in there and apply to parts of your face.

Tea tree oil is a powerful antibacterial so it will work on acne bacteria as well. It smells a bit strange so if you don't like it, you might want to only use it at night.

Re: Tea tree oil for acne?

If i get anything on my chin or whiteheads/blackheads that mark.... i can't not touch it lol. so i take 1-2 drops of tea tree oil on a cotton pad/ q-tip and just press it into the area. i do this nightly until it goes away

Re: Tea tree oil for acne?

I got 100% tree oil from a local drug store. Its really good . It can really dry your skin though. I apply it with a Q-tip. 

First I wet it with water, dip it in the tree oil and apply it where ever I need it. (usually my chin) and wala the next morning its cleared up! 


Re: Tea tree oil for acne?

I love tea tree oil and have grown to love the smell (my gf hates it!) Definitely beware of over-using it as it can burn your face. When I was a teenager I used 100% tea tree oil on my face without following up with a moisturizer and my skin got really irritated... I shudder to think about how harshly I treated my face back then -- rubbing alcohol, no moisturizer or SPF, washing 3+ times a day, using super hot water... ahh!!.


What I like to do now is put a drop of tea tree on a cotton pad then apply my toner to the pad (I use Korres Pomegranate Toner). I use this over my whole face and follow with serum then moisturizer. I've seen good results with this method. I use it twice per day but I would recommend starting out with just once per day depending on how sensitive your skin is.


Good luck!

Re: Tea tree oil for acne?

I have used the Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil line for probably 2-3 years now and it has drastically cut down on my acne. None of their products are 100% though, so it doesn't have quite as much of a drying effect, and you can use them for your entire face (toner, wash, lotion, mask, etc).

Re: Tea tree oil for acne?


Re: Tea tree oil for acne?

aw thanks triciaann, that's so nice Smiley Happy  I haven't really worked it into my routine yet.  I had some Josie Maran Argan oil lying around so I mixed the two and then applied with qtip as a spot treatment 2-3 times, but nothing dramatic happened.  


I also tried the Desert Essence cleanser with tea tree oil in it, which I think must've been irritating for my skin because a few days after that I had a bunch of new small pimples all over Smiley Sad  I'm not totally sure it was the tea tree though, because I also started using face primer regularly for the first time so it could have been that as well.  So just waiting for everything to calm down again (for some reason my skin has been pretty angry lately, maybe spring allergy season) before giving the tea tree oil another try.  


There are lots of great suggestions in this thread so hopefully I can find something that works!

Re: Tea tree oil for acne?

@ drragon - I've personally found that Tea Tree Oil works wonders for blemishes. I had previously always defaulted to benzoyl peroxide to clear up a pimple, and I found that the tea tree oil was much less irritating and drying for my skin. As a reference point, The Body Shop sells tea tree oil in a 5% dilution. I do like that product as a spot treatment, but I think my absolute favorite is Grease Lightning from LUSH. It has several other herbal ingredients along with tea tree and works fantastically for angry skin.

Re: Tea tree oil for acne?

@colorobsession -- yeah I definitely need to keep trying, because while benzoyl peroxide works for me, I'm so tired of the bleaching of my sheets and towels!  thanks for the tips!

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