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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Tanda Zap

I just saw an ABC News segment on innovations in acne tratment technology. They were talking about the Tanda Zap which uses blue light technology. The dermatalogist said that it was good for the occasional stubborn pimple. Has anyone tried it yet?

Re: Tanda Zap

I've tried the blue light treatment three times for my cystic acne. It last three months and you're face ends up looking like a big blister. You wash your face, followed by a toner. You're eyes are covered and you sit under this hot, hot bright light for an 45 minutes to an hour. When done your face looks flushed. The next day (or depending on how sensitive you are) your face turns bright, like a sunburn. For several days your face remains red, and eventually, you develop a scab (DO NOT TOUCH!). Once the scab falls off, your face is radiant and (almost) pimple free. I say "almost" because you'll get occasional breakouts, but they're tiny and and they die immediately.


I stopped after my third treatment because: 1) it only lasted for three months; 2) I did not like the hot, hot light; and 3)I hated looking like a blister for three to five days.

Re: Tanda Zap

I have a Tanda ZAP and its not anything like what was mentioned below. It is a clinical level of blue light, but its not a laser so it is no abrasive or invasive as described in the last post. it is a very gentle blue light that puts out a certain wavelength of blue light that kills the bacteria that causes acne. And it doesnt damage any of the surrounding skin cells. i think it works wonders. When i get a pimple I'll use the zap a few times and it will be barley there the next day. So i use it a couple of more times and its gone by day 2. I hope this was helpful to you.
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