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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Tanda Acne Light Therapy

Is the tanda acne light therapy suppose to be used only on affected areas? or can i use it all over my face for prevention...?

Re: Tanda Acne Light Therapy

I know this is late, however I am beginning to love blue light acne treatment products.

I've been dedicated to the Tanda Zap for a couple of years now and have recently discovered the Silkn' Blue, which is styled like Tria or the original Tanda Blue.


LED light therapy is a non-aggressive way of killing the p.acnes bacteria that causes those nasty breakouts.  (I've always been prone to cystic acne, and the right light therapy can even get those, too)


You can use LED systems all over the face, if you get randoms everywhere.  If you only have certain areas, like the cheeks or the chin, then just focus the treatments there.  The only concern is the amount of time it takes to treat the whole face, the results are proven.



If tanda is anything like the tria light therapy, you wan...

If tanda is anything like the tria light therapy, you want to use it to kill the acne causing bacteria before it can cause a pimple to form. I use the tria all over my face.

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