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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

South Asian/ Oily Skin Care

I'm increasingly coming to believe that South Asian skin may have unique needs, and would like to ask what people's experiences are. I am thirty two years old, from south India, and have medium-dark skin. I find that scars from pimples leave quite deep brown marks (rather than red), and I scar really easily. At thirty two I am beginning to notice that older acne spots and age spots are beginning to look almost like freckles on my cheeks, and I suspect this is the beginnings of hyperpigmentation that I've seen on my mum and aunts as they became older. I never really had a big problem with acne in my teenage years,  but now in my thirties I seem to be getting one or two small or  big pimples every week, and they've begun to appear on the outside of my face - so toward my hairline, on my chin and jaw. However, using acne products like the Clinique Acne Solutions trio seriously dried out my usually oily skin. 


Do any South Asians / South Indians out there identify with these problems? Any suggestions for how to find the right balance of skin care products with regards to moisture and de-pigmentation for your thirties? Product suggestions are welcome of course, but I would also love to hear other practical advice including diet changes etc, especially for medium-dark, oily skin! 

RE: South Asian/ Oily Skin Care

Hi! Your post is really fascinating because origins and skin type, I believe, truly make a difference when it comes to skincare. Having suffered from various types of acne, I have come to learn (and believe) that people of asian decent have a thinner acid mantle. And, perhaps this is why my skin is so sensitive and has scarring from acne, regardless of whether I touched the acne I had. In addition to โ€œgoing back to the basicsโ€ as one wise person before me suggested, I truly believe this is also the case for diet. Growing up, I was told be so many โ€œexpertsโ€ in the field and skin care literature that diet had nothing to do with the quality of our skin. They obviously needed to schooled. I have had to go back to the basics with my diet - sans gluten, dairy and sugar. Itโ€™s hard because I love food, but it has helped my skin loads. You have beautiful skin, sister, and once you figure out what it is that works for you and your skin, you will understand that what you are going through now was necessary to get to where you will be. I am still on my journey, and it isnโ€™t always easy. I guess that is what makes me me. Best wishes to you!

Re: South Asian/ Oily Skin Care

South Asian skin does have unique needs. I am mixed (south asian included lol) and was told to go back to basics from our region. Turmeric & honey face masks (yogurt with it is optional), chick pea flour scrubs, drinking lots of water etc. I've been slacking on it but will get on it every other day or every week. Also it doesn't hurt to get some hydroquinone from your dermatologist to lighten the dark marks. 

RE: South Asian/ Oily Skin Care

Hi, I'm Japanese so we probably have very different skin colors however I am completely obsessed with my skin because my mom has been freaking me out about dark spots and whatnot since I was about 8 and has always told me Asians have to take care of their skin differently. She's always said we have an extra thin layer of fat under our skin which is good as far as keeping wrinkles away but bad for dark spots. She's always told me the fat comes up to the surface and causes spots and uneven tones and that's why we have to wear sunscreen everyday. Not sure if that's entirely true but I've always taken her word. I found an article close to what she's been telling me forever, it says even fair skinned Asians have high melanin levels and when we're exposed to the sun too long it releases toxins which cause spots. To avoid it, it's all about prevention. Not sure if this has helped at all, sorry if it didn't. It's the first thing that came to mind lol. I had really bad acne before so now I have a lot scarring and I now do microneedling treatments which has also helped with evening my skin tone and making it more smooth since it produces collagen

try to use peels to help with the dark spots, something l...

try to use peels to help with the dark spots, something like Dr. Dennis Grossman

Re: try to use peels to help with the dark spots, something l...

Thanks! have you had luck with the peels?

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