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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Skin problems

Hello, so I need some foundation help.. My skin is very fair and very sensitive. I have had acne/clogged pores almost my whole life. I wish I could forgo foundation but am too self-conscious of my scarring. I wake up with new blemishes every day,so I am trying to ween myself off of makeup to see if anything changes, but would like to do so gradually. My skincare regimen is slowly fading my scars, but in the meantime is there any foundation/tinted moisturizer with a formula least likely to initiate breakouts? Obviously no makeup would be best, but not an option right now, thanks in advance!

Re: Skin problems

thanks for the replies! I wish I knew what the deal was with my skin, but since I don't, I will have to settle for trial and error.. I was thinking of the clinique line, also nars tinted moisturizer since its brightning, but I read it has silicones and might be too irritating.. anyone had luck with a creamier consistancy concealor? the murad is too cakey for my taste..

Re: Skin problems

There are definitely other great concealer options, they don't contain acne fighting ingredients altho they shouldn't irritate/worsen acne either. I've heard great things about Laura Mercier, and it's a 2-toned cream palette. MUFE full coverage is liquid so it take some practice to use, but it's an awesome concealer and apparently have healing/anti-inflammatory ingredients so it should be good for your complexion.


Silicone/dimethicone is meant to protect/smooth the skin, like spakle for a wall. It's not bad, but it can clog pores and such for certain skin types in large amount (if it's within the top 3-5 ingredients). Not all oil are bad for acne-prone skin, but I would recommend avoid mineral oil (I figured MUFE and Amazing concealer do the same thing, so I brought AC and now I'm kicking myself for not looking at ingredients beforehand, MUFE full coverage is the most versatile concealer and good for your skin).

Re: Skin problems

I am going to agree with many of the others and say Clinique Acne Solutions.

Re: Skin problems

Ouch, good luck with that. Clinique acne solution make up stuff are good, and Murad is great for treating acne and they have an acne fighting concealer that would be great for you:

 Murad - Acne Treatment Concealer

I'm glad you found a good skincare regimen. Hope it gets better soon.

Re: Skin problems

Hi Amarie122-


I'm so sorry that you have been dealing with breakouts for awhile.  I know how frustrating it is! What skincare regiment are you currently using? I like the Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup for your skin type. It's oil-free and also has a built in treatment to help treat existing acne.


Clinique - Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup

<3 Melissa

Re: Skin problems

Gosh, skin is such an individual thing. Do you know what you are sensitive to? If not can you find out? That would make this far easier for you and/or easier for us to suggest something.


For me I found a very happy home with Nars Sheer Glow. While my skin is sensitive, it's not acne-prone in the more traditional sense so it would probably not be the right choice for you.

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