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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Skin Care Regimen

I am in my twenties and just recently developed cystic acne along my jaw line. I'm looking for a good system/product to use. I've tried a Clinique three step system, Philosophy Clear Days Ahead as well as Philosophy Purity with When Hope is not Enough serum and Hope in a Jar. I have a Clarisonic but I am hesitant to use it. Any ideas?

Re: Skin Care Regimen

Get rid of any cleanser with sulfates, please. I love the Fresh Soy Cleanser. It's a god send.

Use your clarisonic.


For cystic acne, I love the buffering lotion from Mario badescu. It turns the big zits into white heads that go away in a day or two. If you catch the zit early with it, it keeps it from coming up at all.


Also, try calendula oil and rosehip oil. They're really good for smoothing out cystic acne. 

Hope this helps!

Re: Skin Care Regimen

PHILOSOPHY Turbo Booster C Powder is pretty amazing. I mix it with my Murad Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel and I spot treat mixing it with Proactiv Refining sulphur mask, it drys up cystic acne and makes a huge difference dissolving acne scaring, I suggest adding it with whatever 3 step acne regime, you decide on

Re: Skin Care Regimen

Hi! I've never tried any acne products at Sephora but if you're up for trying things from the drugstore, I use Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Wash every morning and Biore's Acne Clearing Scrub every night. I'm 20 now and this is the first time in years my face has been more or less acne-free! The Biore scrub is what really did it for me, I never found anything else that consistently worked this well for me before.

Re: Skin Care Regimen

I have the same deal with the cystic acne. :/ Many Rx things I've tried, like acne-fighting medicine duo gels, don't help much with cysts. In my experience, products with benzyl peroxide can easily cause inflammation/drying/intense itching/redness if it's applied to a large area and seem to work better at drying whiteheads/spot-treating. Sulfur seems the best from what I've tried so far. Salicylic acid, witch hazel, and glycolic acid are also good ingredients that I've tried. 



Make sure you clean your hands, especially your fingers and fingernails too when doing things with your regimen.

Try putting a fairly warm damp cloth on your face (like they do when they give facials) for a minute or more. This is a really great way to start cleansing your face because it makes dead skin easier to slough off with the cloth or a sponge without irritating your face in the process. Maybe try a cleanser that has salicylic acid 2% and/or glycolic acid. I love Dermadoctor's Ain't Misbehavin' cleanser. I have super sensitive skin, so I make sure my skin is damp to dilute this cleanser and leave it on for a minute.



Ways I've quickly dealt with cysts:
1. The miracle-worker for helping my cysts has been Peter Thomas Roth's Therapeutic Sulfur Masque. I wrote a review for that with full details of how I used it and have seen some pretty fantastic results. I can't recommend it enough for cysts and acne in general.

2. Properly icing inflamed areas for 10-15 minutes can really reduce swelling, pain and (based on my experience) the tendency for cystic acne to spread to other skin/recur in the same area because the skin is "calmed." This makes the skin easier to treat/much quicker to heal and doesn't require spending forever trying to find a product to do this that may also (if your skin's like mine) break you out.

3. Getting the gross whiteheads and cystic stuff professionally extracted by an aesthetician or dermatologist is one of most efficient ways way to get rid of it quickly and not spread the inflammation/cysts further or cause skin-damage.

I got a glycolic acid 30% peel yesterday, and after the  aesthetician applied that stuff, she extracted many deep zits, and used the electrical skin-healing thingy on some skin and 2% salicylic acid to spot-treat some of the deeper whiteheads extracted. Today, all of that built up fluid/festering evil is out of my skin drying and healing up.

Re: Skin Care Regimen

Cystic acne is often time so much more severe than regular acne that it's best to first consult a doctor or skin care therapist due to the fact cystic acne break outs are more sensitive and prone to heavy inflammation and affecting deeper into the skin.


Most over the counter treatments will contain anywhere from 0.05 to 2% salicylic acid, 5-10% benzoyl peroxide, or even 2-10% sulphur, but again, you may be looking into more well rounded medications that not just treat but help to balance your skin out from a licensed professional.


The fact that it's along your jawline has the placement based that your acne may be stemming more from hormonal causes. Skin care professionals tend to zone the forehead as caused from stress, the center of the face (cheeks/nose) with diet, and the base and chin with hormonal imbalances.


Take a trip to the doc, it surely couldn't hurt!

Re: Skin Care Regimen

Hi Kmsundby,

Check out Dr. Dennis Gross Correct & Perfect Spot Treatment.  It's a non-drying and fast-acting sulfur acne treatment that treats inflamed cystic acne blemishes right away. 


Dr. Gross Correct & Perfect Spot Treatment.jpg


Also, the Extra Strength Alpha Beta Face Peel, also by Dr. Gross might be worth looking into since it is specially suited for stubborn skin conditions that have not responded favorably to other treatments and does help with breakouts.


Dr. Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta® Face Peel.jpg


Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: Skin Care Regimen

Is this something that will peel my skin? I've read some horror stories about chemical peels and now I may be petrified! 

Re: Skin Care Regimen

I've been using the murad time release acne cleanser and it's the only thing that has worked on my acne. I've used everything out there and nothing helped. This though works magic. It doesn't dry out my skin either, it leaves it soft. I also use the murad hybrid primer for acne. You can find that at Ulta and murads website Smiley Happy 

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