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Post in Acne-Prone Skin
Anonymous Insider

Skin Care HELP for oily skin

I have very oily skin and it is prone to breakouts consisting mainly of whiteheads and blackheads, primarily on the nose, upper lip and under the eyes. In addition to not knowing whether I am removing the breakouts correctly (using a towel to scrape off smaller whiteheads after cleansing, or leaving on Clearasil rapid acting treatment for bigger bumps, or using a blackhead extractor tool after opening pores with a hot shower/steam), I would like to know how to minimize large pores left behind following such removal as well as how to prevent breakouts in the lomg run (especially whiteheads as I have heard blackheads always make their way back sadly).

In more detail, here is the routine I need advice on: I cleanse, tone and moisturize (except moisturizing on bigger/stubborn blemishes) my face every morning and do the same every night except using night cream instead of a day moisturizer. I use cold water for all these washes. On Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights I follow a longer routine instead of a normal wash in which I take a hot shower and use my daily cleanser in the shower followed by an exfoliator, which I leave on for a minute, and then rinse (all within the hot water to open my pores up and let the exfoliator get in them). I then step out the shower, dry off and extract blackheads (primarily on nose and under eyes) using a loop tool. Next, I apply Origins Active Charcoal Face mask, leaving it on for 10-15 minutes, and removing with a towel soaked in cold water. Lastly I place an ice pack on my face for 10 minutes if I have time (if not, I just skip the ice step) and then spray an unscented toner on before applying my night cream (avoiding problem areas with acne and instead putting Clearasil there to leave over night).

Am I doing it right?

More specific questions:

Removing blemishes: scraping off smaller whiteheads with a towel is okay?
Where I see bigger/stubborn blemishes I can't remove easily, I don't apply moisturizer or night cream there (after cleansing and toning) instead applying Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action treatment cream (overnight as well as theoughout the day). I repeat this until the blemishes go away, which takes many days and darkens skin tone in those areas - is this the right approach?
For blackhead removal on 3 nights in the week, is my order of events optimal or should my protocol be rearranged (currently: cleanser and exfoliator in hot shower, followed by manual extraction with a tool, followed by a clay face mask, followed by ice treatment if time, and ending with toner sprayed on and a night cream)?
Here is the list of products I use, is there anything my routine can really benefit from adding/replacing a current product with (and/or is there anything I should remove)?
Products I use:

Dessert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash

Thayer's Alcohol free unscented toner
Beauty on Earth Face moisturizer
Era Organics Facial Moisturizer (night cream)
Kyoku men's facial exfoliator
Origins activated charcoal mask
Pure biology face mask
Clearasil rapid action treatment

Lastly, I don't currently use salicylic acid in any product as I've heard skin can become dependent on it. Perhaps using it from time to time when my skin is acting up would the fastest way to deal with acne? If so, what product would you recommend using it in - an exfoliator, day moisturizer, night cream, or spot treatment?
Thank you so much for your attention to all this - if you can even help with some of the questions that would really help as I'm quite confused!

Re: Skin Care HELP for oily skin

Hi there! I have had similar issues in the post and I am happy to report it will most probably get better. Best thing to do is :

Avoid touching your face - When you squeeze or pop some form of acne you tend to spread that bacteria around the rest of your face.

That said... - If you decide to remove acne always be sure to clean whatever tool(s) with alcohol wipes in between each White/black head.

Cut the masks - often times masks only irritate your skin, no matter how "natural" they are. best thing to do is wash your face twice a day with Dove soap and water

Think gentle - Your skin is ate and most face washes are to harsh even for the worst acne. Most dermatologists will tell you just to use Dove soap, water and a clean towel for each wash.

Makeup - I cant stress enough how wearing less makeup will drastically improve youre skin.

Even more gentle - Avoid exfoliation they will often aggravate your acne.


These are the kinds of tips that have worked for me but remember everyone's skin Is different. If your acne situation seems unmanageable, the best thing to do is go to a dermatologist, they will, more often than not, prescribe some kind of medicine for you depending on your skin conditions. Hope all works out well.

Anonymous Insider

Re: Skin Care HELP for oily skin

After doing this for about 4 weeks, I have noticed that the frequency of whiteheads and blackheads has gone down, but there's an increased redness in the nose/under eye area... also bigger bumps are still appearing in new places (tho if I apply Clearisil early enough they don't becomes too prominent).

Any recommendations?

Anonymous Insider

Re: Skin Care HELP for oily skin

I see, thanks for your opinion. I am worried that I'm being too harsh as you said, but I really don't know what to do about the bigger bumps/larger pores and whiteheads.

Can anyone second the above or have different advice?

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