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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Should I still use my Clarisonic or..

My experience 

 So from what I've been recently told by a esthetician at a Clinique counter in Macys, was that I shouldn't be using the Clarisonic when active breakouts are happening. Which I've never been told because that clearly just defeated the purpose in investing in the Clarisonic because I wanted to use it due to its benefits of deeper cleansing and letting products soak in better. For example, I've been prescribed a topical treatment for my acne and I use my Clarisonic with just a gentle cleanser or my Estee Lauder Sparkly Clean ( I believe that's the name ) face wash and apply my treatment at night. And since I suffer from mild acne, I have spots basically all over my face, so to me I just think using the Clarisonic would spread the bacteria and pus around more and just cause more breakouts coming from what this lady at Macy's told me. So I was really disappointed and stopped using it since I have a breakout on nearly every side of my cheeks and forehead. 

Now the actual predicament

 I've been contemplating on  whither to just return the Clarisonic and get the Kate Sommerville Clear Skin supplements that I KNOW will completely clear my skin even of the tiniest bumps and then get the Clarisonic and just try my best to maintain it since its clear and I don't have to worry about breakouts anymore because my topical treatment is just not doing it and I've already been through the purging stage and things didn't clear up as much as expected. I'm sorry for whoever reading this if its too long or confusing, but I really would like advice. Thank you and if you know of any cleansers for combination/ acne prone skin that helps acne or even to fade scars, please feel free to recommend anything! THANK YOU <3

Re: Should I still use my Clarisonic or..

I just bought a Clarisonic as an early Christmas present to myself because my skin used to break out in disgusting oozing pimples all over my face. I do agree with you about the bacteria so right after I use my Clarisonic (I use it both morning and night) I wash it with an antibacterial soap. Using my Clarisonic every morning and night (even when I have pimple outbreaks) helps to even my skin tone and get rid of the pimples after a few days of use. After using the Clarisonic for only about 2 months off and on (because I often forget to use it until my skin gets messed up again) my skin is almost clear on a regular basis, my pores are smaller, and my skin tone is much evener. The best cleansers I have tried for me (but it can widely vary from person to person) are Purity (by Philosophy) and Cetaphil (I got a bunch of samples from my dermatologist to try and I have been using it for the past 4 months and love it). I also use a topical medicine for pimples called Tretinoin Cream, I got a prescription from my doctor and I put it on pimples over night and it works great. I hope your skin looks great soon. Smiley Happy I'm gonna have to start trying some of these homemade masks and scrubs because I have heard tons of great reviews from them. <3

I have the Clarisonic and have acne problems also. My acn...

I have the Clarisonic and have acne problems also. My acne started probably in middle school and now I'm 18...It has gotten a lot better but I think that is because I learned what is best for my skin. The clarisonic is effective but only if you know when it is good to use it. I never used the Clarisonic when I had open breakouts and whatnot because I did not want to spread the bacteria( so I think the esthetician is partly true). The Clarisonic is a great exfoliater and we people who have acne need to exfoliate often because of the scabs Smiley Sad. I would say just keep the Clarisonic. I always deep cleaned my skin every night and used the Clarisonic every other day for 2mins(and sometimes more). However much you feel you need. Oh, but before I use the Clarisonic I always lightly cleanse with a foamy cleanser so that I would spread less bacteria all over the brush. And while using the Clarisonic, I got to the places where I have the least breakouts first then go over my problem areas. Don't forget to keep that brush clean! Smiley Happy


I haven't used to Kate Sommersville exfoliater so I don't have anything to comment on that ;(. Here are some things I tried that helped me clear up some: 

  • Origins: Checks and Balances- My fav summer foamy cleanser of all time! Doesn't dry me out but deep cleans.
  • Purpose:gentle cleansing wash- It foams up nicely and is pretty cheap! Smiley Very Happy I usually use this as a last step of cleansing or when I want a light wash.
  • Dermalogica:clean start, hit the stop- I SWEAR by this! It is so so awesoooome! I've never found a spot on treatment that worked as well as this. And trust me, I used plenty-proactive,murad,clean and clear,etc.
  • Oatmeal- It really has helped my redness go away Smiley Happy. Just take a handful in the shower and wet it, then scrub away!
  • Aspirin and honey mask- It's pretty well known and was very effective for me.

Just always keep your skin oil free(but then don't dry it up!) I hope your skin clears up! <3

To be honest, I'd be surprised if the woman at the Cliniq...

To be honest, I'd be surprised if the woman at the Clinique counter at Macy's was an esthetician, especially since most licensed estheticians work in salons and spas.  They're not known for hiring beauty advisors with that kind of licensing (my sister used to work for Macy's, admitted in a different department, but she said they definitely are NOT).  Don't necessarily take her word for it that the Clarisonic is the issue.  I don't use the Clarisonic myself, but from what I've heard, some breakouts are going to happen at first due to it pulling all kinds of dirt, oil, makeup, etc to the surface of the skin.  However, if it's STILL causing this kind of reaction after using it for a couple of weeks or so, I'd stop using it and possibly speak to a dermatologist.  They'd be more likely to pinpoint what's happening and how to treat it.


I hope this helps.

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