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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Scar treatments?

I’ve got large scars that bother me a lot. Is there any products that could help me? I’ve got a lot of them because I use to have terrible acne but I’ve cleared that besides the occasional pimple, but I still have large scars and I usually don’t care but the other people at my school are quite mean and I don’t want to put on makeup everyday to avoid rude comments. Any suggestions?


skin info:

12 years old

acne prone

Combination skin but mostly oily

fair skin


Re: Scar treatments?

Hey try the vinoperfect vitamin  C from caudalie. I know it’s a bit pricy but it’s worth it I would say. Im 16 and also have bad acne scars lieke you but after using this product only for maybe 2 weeks I do see that my dark spots have faded a bit. Search this product up on tikok it’s quite popular and many people claim to say they have to “repurchase” this product many times cause it works so well. I think you should give it a try since it has vitamin c in it which is in all other dark spot fading creams.  

Re: Scar treatments?

Dark chocolate will help a lot!!!!

Re: Scar treatments?

Hello love!


I am so sorry that you are experiencing that 😞 middleschoolers are so mean. Always remember that acne is a natural phenomenon—bullies just like projecting their insecurities because they’re miserable.


Now, I’m assuming you are referring to Post-Inflammatory Erythema or Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. PIE is the red spots that you get after acne, and PIH is the darker ones—depends on the amount of melanin the skin produces. Since you say you have fair skin, I’m assuming that you are talking about red spots. 


With that, I would possibly suggest something like centella asiatica if you are scared of irritation. It is not an active ingredient—it’s an antioxidant that is very soothing. It really helps with inflammation & irritation. Niacinimide is also great! You’re very young, so I’m relunctant to suggest any OTC actives that aren’t specifically pushed by dermatologists.


Centella asiatica is more common in K-Beauty, so I reccomend looking at some Korean products if you are interested in it. The SKIN1004 Centella Ampoule is a pretty good one—if there is a T&T near you, you’ll probably be able to find it. Any K-Beauty store works too. You could also order it online, but shipping usually costs a lot unless you spend quite a bit. 


lot of products have niacinimide in them, so you don’t really need something that specifically has it. It’s clinical tests have been done between the concentrations of 2%-5%, so, anything above that is kind of excessive (and irritating!) 


Now, if you want stronger results, I really would recommend seeing your GP (which would be your family/regular doctor). They may refer you to a dermatologist, or they can prescribe you something theirselves. This is SUPER important because they’ll be able to give you products appropriate for your age.


Some other ingredients that are good with dealing with ace scaring are alpha arbutin (PIH), Vitamin C (PIH), Tranexamic Acid* (PIE & PIH), and Azelaic Acid (PIE & PIH). However, please PLEASE be careful with these—all of them besides Tranexamic Acid* are actives.


P.S. If you’re talking about scars that leave a depression (a dent) in the skin, you can’t really fix those with topicals. Laser is usually used for those.


*Tranexamic Acid as a topical ingredient in dermatology hasn’t been studied as much as other ingredients to my knowledge? I might be wrong obviously, but apparently, there are some issues with it as a topical because of pH & charges (stuff that you don’t really need to know, lol. It’s super interesting though!! Heavily reccomend researching it for fun.)

Some people say it’s helped with their PIH/PIE—some people say it has done nothing. Most of the research done on the chemical is for its oral form. It’s much stronger as an oral medication, too.

I’m not saying that it’s bad, or that it won’t work—you’ll never know until you try!! I’m trying out the Tranexamic Acid serum from Cos De Baha right now, actually! Just wanted to add some context if you (or anyone else) is interested on this topic. The major pro of it IMO is just the fact that it isn’t an active. So, it’d be a more appropriate option for someone of your age I think 🙂


Don’t forgot sunscreen!! Sun makes acne scarring worse 😞


Re: Scar treatments?

tbh im so glad im not the only younger perosn with bad scars 😭 im 14 and i literally cant find anything, i use the ordinary alpha aturbin serum (idk how to spell the last word) i do it like every 2 days cause it irritates my skin a little bit if i do it too much but it works for pigmentation 

Re: Scar treatments?

Faded Serum for Dark Spots & Discoloration

is sooooo good and its not super damamging to the skin its a little bit on the pricier side but its so worth it, topicals is really good at curating products for problems like these.

Re: Scar treatments?

finding a product to remove scars is your age is difficult becuase acne scars are difficult to use and ur to litttle to use most of the products becuase they are very strong. i have scars to and they take time to get rid of , its taken me 2 years to lighten them and fade them away and theyr still slightly visible. firstly use sunscreen everyday so the uv rays dont darken them, try niacinimide from the ordinary and alpha arbutin. glycolic acid is a good chemical expholiant toner but it might be too rough for your skin. ask the sephora employess for a tester first or buy the mini one.vitamin c and retonol do the job but go with VERY light subtle one . the ordianry is goodbecuase its affordable and its affordable becuase all its products are subltle and dont use alot of expensive chemicls , that swhy it cheaper then other brands.


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