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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Red pores on my cheek

I am having small red pores on my cheek. What should I use to get rid of them. 


My skin is dry. I apply Nivea face cream in the morning. From past couple of weeks I started washing my face before going to bed. I do not think this is helping me. 


can someone suggest me a good exfoliator/masque/cleanser.



First off, if you having redness (I know, I suffer from m...

First off, if you having redness (I know, I suffer from mild rosacea) then maybe an exfoliator isn't the best thing right away.  Try a gentle cream or milky cleanser.  Also, try using a product with aloe vera to soothe the redness (I buy one from ULTA for 4.99, otherwise Sephora carries a few, like the Ole H for $21).  For a boost, also so a hydrating mask.  I recently discovered Karuna Masks and they are awesome.  Their Luxe Skin Restoring Treatment Masks are the ABSOLUTE Bomb for dryness and to retore moisture and plumpness to the skin....I once flew for a day and a half, where by the end of it my skin was a dry, flakly mess with breakouts all over.  I used one of the Masks (which I got free) and could not believe it.  My face looked like I just came out of a spa....sans redness.  Downside, these masks are real expensive ($48 for four masks).  A great alternative is their Hyrdating Mask (same company) which has a better price @ $28 for four masks. Good luck!



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