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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Quick fix for whiteheads

I have been getting a lot of whiteheads on my nose and forehead lately and even though i use my clarisonic and murad spot treatment the whiteheads just keep coming back! Are there any very effective products to get rid of whiteheads and prevent them from coming back? 

Re: Quick fix for whiteheads

I'm dealing with the same problem. I think we'll need some more infor from you first in order to give adequate advice. How often do you use your clarisonic? What is your skin type? Do you have sensitive skin? What is your daily skincare regimen?


Re: Quick fix for whiteheads

I try to use my clarisonic every night but i'm at my friends' houses a lot during the summer not that doesnt always happen. I have pretty oily skin and i use murad cleanser, acne gel and oil mattifier during the day and the skin perfecting lotion and spot treatment at night. I feel like i'm taking good care of my skin but i still get breakouts constantly!

Re: Quick fix for whiteheads

could it be your makeup brushes? when i don't clean my makeup brushes often enough i breakout.

Re: Quick fix for whiteheads

Have you tried Murad's Skin Supplements?  It might help  in order to heal your skin faster as well as prevent new acne.  Otherwise, a chemical peel might work, but make sure it is gentle enough for your skin.  

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