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Product similar or better than Proactiv?



I have been using Proactiv for about a year now, but realized how ridiculously priced it is. I was paying over $100 for a "three month" supply. Even though the 1 month supply was the just a tad smaller! Anyways, It didn't work amazingly that i thought it was worth it. So I am looking for an alternative and i am willing to pay a pretty penny for something that works. 


I have Oily, sensitive skin that i usually break out easily. 

Proactiv, and the Target brand of Apricot scrubs have been the only things in the past that have worked for me.

I have been to a dermatologist and had no luck


I am open to all suggestions!!   


*PS i do not know how to get rid of the spoiler tab??

Re: Product similar or better than Proactiv?

I used to use Acne Free, it's similar to Proactiv but like $20-$24 dollars for the cleanser, toner, and cream. Most drugstores should have it and they come in orange bottles. It helped with my acne but just be weary as it discolored my towels and pillowcases. Not sure if Proactiv ever did that.


Re: Product similar or better than Proactiv?

Are you using all the Proactiv steps? Which rx's have you tried and for how long? Have you seen a different derm who specializes in acne and a hormonal blood test? How's your water intake, this helps with oiliness. What ingredients cause sensitivity?
I have similar skin and find gentle products and only 1 acne product (used 1xday, every other day, on the area needed not full face) work.
For me, cleanse at night typically with philosophy purity, rx Aczone topical dapson gel (my acne is very much gone and no dryness), moisturizer (depends on how skin is). Exfoliator don't use daily, 1x week is enough. Over using products only backfires with acne.
Other products I use: philosophy totalMATTEness mask+cleanser (clay based), Origins modern friction, Origins clear improvements clay mask - I use masks where needed, not full face.
Becareful of apricot scribs, they usually use the pit of the apricot, crushed, which makes jagged edges. This causes micro tears in the skin. An exfoliator should have smooth particles.

Re: Product similar or better than Proactiv?

First Aid Beauty is definitely a great brand. I might also recommend adding either argan oil or coconut oil to your daily routine. Also, if you like your local Sephora, go in and ask for recommendations/store-made samples of the recommendations for you to go home and try at your discretion. 


**You might want to look at other non-beauty related products in your life. My mom had really bad oily/combo skin when she was younger and a dermatologist told her to use specific brands that are meant be "universally" non-irritating. And it works (for us at least), when we switched to a dupe of the laundry detergent, we both broke out horribly. Once we went back to the brand name laundry detergent, no more brake outs.


*To get rid of the spoiler tab, go into the top part where the spoiler is and hit backspace. 🙂


Re: Product similar or better than Proactiv?

Awesome thanks for the recommendations!
I never even considered laundry detergent could be a problem. I'm going to start paying attention to that!
Again thanks for the advice!!

Re: Product similar or better than Proactiv?

Not sold at Sephora, but I recommend the Paula's Choice, particularly Clear line and Hydralight products.  The Resist products formulated for those dealing with aging skin and acne are also great.  You should be able to get everything you need for $100 or less, especially when there is a good promo going.


I've used her stuff off and on for about 4 years with great results.  I think it's great quality for a mid-price point.  


To be honest, I doubt you'll beat Proactive's prices at Sephora.  Unless you go with Clinique, but I hear their acne line is very drying.

Re: Product similar or better than Proactiv?

I will look into that!
Yea proactiv worked find but it didn't completely solve my problem so I figured it is time for a change.
Thanks for the advice!

Re: Product similar or better than Proactiv?

PC actually sends samples, I received a full trial kit that they sell, however, that was awhile ago.

Re: Product similar or better than Proactiv?

Hi, ellimak!  First, the Spoiler tab doesn't say anything  😞


I've heard great things about Murad and Kate Sommerville (expensive though).  I've used a few Murad products and have been happy with the results.  Just be sure to give each new product 3 to 4 weeks before giving up!  And maybe try one at a time so you know which one is or isn't working.  First Aid Beauty is another good brand.

Re: Product similar or better than Proactiv?

I have considered Murad, so maybe I may give it a go.
Yea with the spoiler tab this was my first post and I didn't know what that button was, and curiosity got the better of me, but then I couldn't figure out how to delete it lol

Re: Product similar or better than Proactiv?

Murad (at least in the US) also mails samples, when contacted directly.
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