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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Pores no more Vacuum cleaner vs Biore pore strips?

Right now I'm using Biore pore strips on my nose once a week to help get rid of the blackheads there. They work alright and really do loosen the blackheads but i still do have to extract them. I was just wondering if the Pores no more vacuum cleaner would work better at loosening/getting rid of my blackheads (on my nose and chin)?



I've bought Pores no more and gotta tell you, it didn't w...

I've bought Pores no more and gotta tell you, it didn't work alone very well... I was kinda of disappointed at 1st, because it didn't do anything for my blackheads even though my pores looked cleaner. But, after some reading, I started using Pores no more at first, then using the biore strips and it worked pretty well. So, here's my advise for you, if you have the extra buck,  try using them both otherwise, it's not that good on its own. Hoped it helped a little Smiley Wink

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