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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Overly stubborn whiteheads problem

Hi - I've been having whiteheads since.. forever. I have them mostly on my cheeks, chin and forehead. They don't grow into acne but they're irritating because of the bumpy feeling on my face. 
I recently tried Zenmed skincare and it worked really good in making the existing ones go away... but it doesn't stop them from coming back. So I get rid of my old whiteheads, but new ones would appear on other spots on my face.

I have combination type of skin, I really take care of my diet and always make sure my pillowcase is frequently washed..I really don't know how else to deal with this.
Please recommend something that can keep them away for good..!

Re: Overly stubborn whiteheads problem

Which Glamglow Super Mud did you use? I checked on Amazon and there are a bunch of them?


I started getting the white heads when I was pregnant and the dermatologist  said it was hormonal. My kid is 8 now and it wont go away. I've tried multiple prescription creams and nothing.


Thank you so much.

Re: Overly stubborn whiteheads problem

Thank you so much for the replies! I recently tried oil cleansing and on top of that I purchased glamglow super mud and in two days all my whiteheads are gone! I don't know why it took me this long to start trying - but i'm glad your recommendations helped me to try something new. Thanks again! Smiley Happy

Re: Overly stubborn whiteheads problem

Do you exfoliate? You need to keep the pore clean so it doesn't get blocked then infected.
Start using a chemical exfoliant (physical ones will just scratch the skin and spread the infection). I like the Tata Harper one. You can even spread it on your face after your moisturizer on the infected areas. It takes care of the problem in at least three days. 

If you want, see someone to get the whiteheads extracted, then start getting into your regime to maintain. <3



Re: Overly stubborn whiteheads problem

Hii! I was actually like you and had the worse case of white heads! I tried everything! You name it and I tried it. I started googling natural remedies then. I came across alot of sites mentioning almond oil. It just so happened one day I walked into a beauty store and there was a company giving out free samples and they had almond oil! I was ecstatic because I was dreading paying for something and not knowing if it would work! (Spent so much money on a cure for whiteheads its unbelievable lol) anyway came home started using almond oil on my skin and then gently exfoliating every other day with a gentle scrub (saint ives is my savior!) and then apply almond oil after exfoliation. I was amazed by the results!!! it was unbelievable how my face started clearing up over the days! I immediately went and bought the same brand I was given the sample for. Its called 100% Pure OKAY Almond Oil and you can find it on You can also search to see if a store near you carries the product. It is freaking amazing and I swear by it! I will never waste money on something else.okay_alm1-188x200.jpg

Re: Overly stubborn whiteheads problem

Thank you so much! I tried almond oil and in two days all my whiteheads are gone! I also started using olive oil in between and it helped a lot. Thanks!

Re: Overly stubborn whiteheads problem

If you are already taking care with diet and pillow case, you touch your face a lot? do you wipe your cellphone often? if not then bacteria from those could be causing the chin whitehead (tho they don't explain the forehead ones....unless you have bangs?)


Does the Zenmed skincare you use include an exfoliator? or something to make sure your pores are not clogged and trap the oil inside? I get whitehead and likes to use Murad Clarifying mask, Origins Charcoal mask or Glamglow (either) to keep my pores clean.


It could also be a hormonal/stress issue, in which case I can't help. Good luck!

Re: Overly stubborn whiteheads problem

Yup, I just started using Glamglow and in two days my skin cleared like never before! Smiley Happy
Ya I have bangs - I guess that's what caused the forehead whiteheads... I'm growing it out though. And I certainly overlooked the fact that i use my cellphone way too often that I should wipe it every now and then. Thanks so much for the recommendations! Smiley Happy

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