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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Oils as a moisturizer?

What do you guys think about using light oils to moisturize? Like instead of putting harsh chemicals on my face... ive found all the moisturizers for oily skin do not actually moisturize and my face ends up producing more oil anyway... any suggestions??

Oils as a moisturizer?

As long as you make sure that the oil you're using is non-comedogenic then oil is a great moisturizer. I really like squalene oil and marula oil.

RE: Oils as a moisturizer?

I cannot live without facial oil, especially during the winter when my skin gets so dried out! I use cruelty free brand rosehip oil on my skin at night and whenever I have pimples to help treat them as well after an aggressive face wash. I could have avoided so many breakouts in my teens if I knew the wonders of using facial oils on your skin. I thought it would cause acne breakouts but I was so wrong. It's the opposite! Like washing your hair to much makes the scalp over produce oils... if you apply oils to your face daily it will help to balance skin out in the long run! Oily skin is healthy skin imo!
Anonymous Insider

Re: Oils as a moisturizer?

I legit moisturize with olive oil, like literal olive oil from the grocery store, in the mornings and cosmetic grapeseed oil at night. Both are considered non-pore clogging, but I trust the grapeseed oil more than the olive oil for that hence why I use it at night.


Ironically, a lot of the chemicals in anti-acne products can make you worse instead of better, but I have heard that anti-aging products are actually very good for acne prone skin and far less chemically. Even if aging is not a concern for you, anti-aging stuff might be good to look into for your acne prone skin.

Re: Oils as a moisturizer?

The Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil is a blend of oils that are naturally balance oily/combination skin. If you're using during the day, just use a little less than the amount used at night. It will sink in and shouldn't disrupt your makeup as long as you're setting with a powder. 

RE: Oils as a moisturizer?

I have oily skin and I swear by Josie Maran Argan Oil at night. It actually reduces oil production over time. I wake up and my face is clearer, hydrated, and glowing! You can try the light version first and see if it’s enough. I use the light in the summer and the original in winter.
Anonymous Insider

i use oils to moisturize my face after showers and in the...

i use oils to moisturize my face after showers and in the morning. i usually just use a little bit of coconut oil. it has kept my face much more moisturized because sometimes my face gets dry. i also use it all over my body as well instead of a normal lotion. it works wonders!!
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