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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Oil cleansing made my skin worse

This post isn't really to get a lot of advice, but more to vent/warn others. Up until several weeks ago my acne wasn't that bad, but I had quite a bit of clogged pores/milia. I had previously been seeing a dermatologist, but finances became an issue and I had to stop. I get facials and my esthetician recommended oil cleansing to help with the clogged pores. I started oil cleansing with a mix of grape seed oil and castor oil (low ratio of castor oil). The first week or so seemed to by working a bit, and my skin was fine. Then it just got worse and kept getting worse. My skin now has more clogged pores/congestion than when I started, and I have several cystic acne spots on my forehead and chin. I went back to "regular" cleanser last week and am now using Purpose Gentle Cleanser and Dermadoctor Calm and Corrected moisturizer. Things are back on track $ so I am going to the dermatologist later this week to see what she can offer.

Re: Oil cleansing made my skin worse

I would never say to use oil on congested/clogged pores. Using oil is just putting gasoline on the fire, Oily skin needs oil free hydration only. Bless your heart you just got bad advice. I hope things get better for you.

Re: Oil cleansing made my skin worse

I actually did a lot of reading/research online about oil cleansing after she suggested it but prior to starting. There were mixes reviews, where it worked great for some people even those with acne. I guess my skin was one of the ones that didn't agree. Smiley Sad

Re: Oil cleansing made my skin worse

I read that according to Japanese skincare, they use the oil cleansing method prior to their regular cleansing. The first step is meant to remove the makeup/dirt. The second step of cleansing is meant to actually deep cleanse. However, I will say that I have never tried this method, and in my experience with newer ideas or more natural approaches, they rarely work or they work temporarily on me. Thanks for sharing your story.

Re: Oil cleansing made my skin worse

So sorry you had to experience this!  I have oily skin, and when I first heard of this technique I wondered if it would clog pores; it just didn't seem logical to add more oil.  Hopefully the dermatologist can give you something to eliminate the cystic acne.

Re: Oil cleansing made my skin worse

I think cleansing oils are meant for dry skin, and as first of 2-step cleansing. Otherwise not good.


Makeup removers can leave an icky feeling, so personally I like to keep a bottle handy. If I'm wearing heavy/full face of make up, I will use the remover, the cleansing oil, then my regular foaming cleanser. Or if I'm hitting the gym, I will use the oil remover, exercise, then cleanse/tone/moisturize. You can ease the problem with clogged pores by using a scrub or exfoliating toner.

Re: Oil cleansing made my skin worse

I actually have had a lot of success with using a variation of the oil cleansing method.  I started to clean my face with honey and moisturize with coconut oil which is very close to the pH of our skin.  It worked great but I was getting honey in my hair some days and that bothered me so I stopped using the honey and now I use just coconut oil.  I take a small amount out of the jar and then I just rub it on my face and massage it in for about a minute or two and I let it sit for a few minutes.  Then I take a washcloth with hot water and sit it on my face for a minute then I rinse my face and so far it has been working so well. So if you havent given up hope and still want to try to oil cleansing method you can try with coconut oil or maybe even honey with coconut oil. 

Re: Oil cleansing made my skin worse

ugh i feel for you...same thing happened to me in my desperate search to find something to help my ance.  ended up making matters so much worse! 


best of luck!

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