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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Oil cleansing dilemma (please help)

I have been doing the oil cleansing method with grape seed oil for about 3 weeks. Initially my skin was reacting well, but within the past 3 weeks I've noticed increase small pimples and clogged pores almost all over (tiny bumps under the skin; if I squeeze a bit gunk comes out). I initially thought it was a purging period, but now I'm not so sure. I use Yes to Cucumbers gentle cleansing milk in the AM with my Clarisonic, and Alba toner. Should I stick it out longer or just give up and try a regular cleanser? I have sensitive acne-prone skin, which is why I went the au-natural way. I tried salicylic acid, retinol, benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acids before and they all dried me out and then made the acne a little worse. I could really use some advice/guidance.

Re: Oil cleansing dilemma (please help)

I think oil cleansing is such a tricky method unless you already have a normal skin type and you're just after that glow factor. Plus, oil cleansing is supposed to be followed by a second round of cleansing, the first being makeup/dirt removal and the second round actually cleansing your face. I've tried using Vitamin E oil to get rid of scars and Argan oil to moisturize my skin, but they only exacerbate acne-prone skin for myself. I know you've stuck it out for 3 weeks, but give it another week before scrapping the grape seed oil.


I'm not sure what kind of Clarisonic brush head you use, but I use the the acne brush head so that may account for something. I hope this helps and good luck!

Re: Oil cleansing dilemma (please help)

If you have sensitive skin, I would lay off the clarisonic and any abrasives until you find a product line that works for you.  It can cause irritation that makes your skin more reactive.  I would get rid of anything with alcohol or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) and try to go fragrance free.  Most people with sensitive skin cannot use products with SLS.  It doesn't do anything for cleansing, it just makes the product foam.  I agree with beautylovingirl SIMPLIFY and stick with one company.  They are formulated to work together and you don't have to worry about double doseing on something.  If it doesn't clear up and if you can afford it, you may consider going to a dermatologist. Those may not be pimples, they may be hives from an allergic reaction (do they itch or feel feverish?).  A dermatologist will probably ask you to simplify first (sort of like an elimination diet for people with food allergies)  to try to figure out what you are allergic too. and allaure is right, everything that touches your face should be clean, including your hands and tools.  I am embarassed to admit that I once had a breakout simply because I had not cleaned my foundation brush in a month.

Re: Oil cleansing dilemma (please help)

I would try the Ole Henriksen line, the african red tea cleanser followerd by any of the serums and a nice mosterizer, everything your listing sounds like its drying out your. Make sure to drink lots of water.



change your clarosonic brush head regurarly and clean after every use. 

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