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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

New product/skin care routine for combo/oily/very sensitive acne skin?

I'm on acne medication right now (Differin in the evening, clindamycin phosphate topical lotion in the morning, and an oral antibiotic) and my acne has gotten a lot better! However, my skin has now transitioned from just oily to combo/oily/acne-prone and very very sensitive. 


In the evening I use the acne line from Mario Badescu skin care and I love love love it. In the morning I use a drugstore cleanser called Biore because I think it helped with my VERY oily skin a little bit before I went on the meds. 


But I've noticed that both cleansers (MB and Biore) have stung/burned a bit. My skin doesn't react to it the instant I put it on, but more like after I start rubbing it into my skin a bit (with a very gentle hand,too.) 


So I'm looking for a cleanser (1 for both M/E is fine, but 2 seperate ones are okay too,) that helps keep my skin clear without any acne-fighting ingredients because my skin's already getting that from my acne meds. I want a gentle cleanser that keeps my skin clear, and also helps with a lot of the redness, uneven skin tone/dark spots/hyper pigmentation, very large pores and oily skin that I have right now. 


On top of that cleanser, are there any serums or moisturizers or something else that I could also use? I've tried a small sample of Murad's Pore and Line Hydrator and I absolutely love it. I haven't seen a difference in my pore size (because I only have a sample,) but the moisturizer is extremely light weight (more than Clinique's Dramatically Different Gel, which I've been using for MONTHS and I also really love. But I think I like Murad's better.) I've also used FAB's Anti-Redness Serum and I loved the lightweight gel feel of it. I think I might go and purchase that and use it instead of Clinique's Redness Solutions (I find it to be too heavy for my oily skin and pores.) 


Any recommendations? If so, please let me know the formulation/texture of the product and how it felt and looked on your skin. Thank you!! 

I have very similar skin. I use philosophy purity made si...

I have very similar skin. I use philosophy purity made simple (original or gel version) which doesn't react to my acne rx. It's gentle and takes the day off well - has balanced my skin too.

Drugstore very basic, free of soap and everything: Neutrogena blue bottle fresh foaming cleanser - not foaming though more of a cream consistency - takes off makeup too


Which MB cleanser? The cucumber one is very basic and gentle, however I still prefer philosophy over it.


I've tried REN clearcalm clay cleanser (they will mail deluxe samples when emailed directly)..I felt it made me more oily. FAB red clay cleanser is better for a clay cleanser, IMO out of the two. Philosophy also makes a clay cleanser/mask in one - this one isn't at Sephora.


If your skin reacts to mint, watch out with Caudalie they started using it in ingredients. I have an older cleansing water, without the mint, but still eh about it. It does leave a layer.


As for pore size, pores don't have muscles so you can only temporarily alter their appearance, keep them clean and they won't be so expanded because of gunk. Pore size is also genetic. I use Origins Clear Improvements - it's a clay and charcoal mask and I use where needed instead of the whole face.


As for Clinique Redness, I've used the cream only where needed it seemed to helped. Origins also has a redness relief line - Mega Mushroom - haven't tried yet.


For a moisturizer, try korres pomegranate - it's to balance out the skin and lightweight - gel-to cream

There is stock issue with this, from the brand, also they are selling most of their products through online only stores - hsn, amazon, beauty, and a few more


Hyperpigmentation would be helped from an exfoliate and a treatment product - such as peels, dark spot correctors - popular ones: Clinique Dark spot correct, murad rapid age and spot serum (does have hydroquinone) - murad directly does mail samples, origins mega bright 


Another type of product: Philosophy total MATTEness serum - can be used twice a day to reduce oil and keep pores clear.  It's a eye dropper bottle, only a tiny bit is needed and I only use where needed with light upward strokes and let dry before moisturizer.


check out the products in REN's clearcalm line. the clay...

check out the products in REN's clearcalm line. the clay cleanser helps with oil yet soothes. when i used it, it left my skin very soft yet still hydrated. you can also use it as a spot treatment by applying a small amount directly to a spot, like a mask !

make sure you're really hydrating your skin, too. just because it's oily doesn't mean it's not thirsty, and proper hydration can really help balance out the skin's oil production. caudalie has great products for hydration, like their beauty elixir and the cleansing water (which i sometimes use to remove makeup before i use another cleanser, such as the REN).


i also recommend reading through some of the acne-prone skin care regimens recommended throughout the forum Smiley Happy

Re: check out the products in REN's clearcalm line. the clay...

I have Ren's Mayblossoms (or something) cleanser for combo/oily skin. It's very gentle and it doesn't make my skin sting....but I stopped using it a while ago because I think it made my skin oilier? I've only used it again this morning so I think I'll try it out and see how my skin reacts to it. Would the REN Clay cleanser work better?
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