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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

My problem is...


Re: My problem is...

While I am not a derm, it could be hormonal acne if your acne/breakouts are around the chin and cheek area, especially if it leaves some hyperpigmentation. I saw that you mentioned seeing a derm in the past, but I recommend consulting with a different derm. Since I was in about 6th grade, I have seen derms and have had both good and bad derms. I have also had a variety of acne in my life (oil v. hormonal). 


About two years ago, I began to develop acne near my chin, and they were big, painful bumps that left me with some hyperpigmentation. A year into it, I changed derms because I felt like my derm wasn't helping me. The derm I switched to diagnosed me with hormonal acne (I am in my early 20s) and put me on Spironolactone which helps with hormone levels. He additionally prescribed me 15% azelaic acid and tretinoin for scarring. Since I have gone on Spiro, my skin has virtually no breakouts. I have several friends who are also on Spiro and have had positive results. 


I think some other stuff that has helped my acne is double cleansing (I like balms). I also exfoliate regularly with glycolic acid, and it's helped with hyperpigmentation. 

Re: My problem is...

omg, thank you very much for your contribution, I have also been thinking the same and changing dermatology.

Re: My problem is...

@JenniferBaez Have you been to see a dermatologist for an evaluation? It might be helpful to get more tailored treatment. That said, if you tell us your skin type and what specific products are in your current routine, we can possibly make some suggestions. 

Re: My problem is...

Hi @quspork Yes, I was with a dermatologist who made my face worse, he gave me a lot of creams, injections, laser beams, and none of that worked for me.


my face type is very greasy

my skincare routine is:

cerave soap for oily skin.
Clinique moisturizing gel.

La Roche-Posay sunscreen

and a very strange cream that my doctor prescribed for me that I don't feel like it does anything to me, it's not even from a recognized name or brand.


I need some help because I'm very sad to have my face like this 😭🙏🏻

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