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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Murad Acne Complex

I've been using the Murad Acne Complex for the last four days and I have tightness/dryness around my mouth and chin area. I can't pinpoint which part of the system is causing it, but it has cleared my skin dramatically!

Any suggestions on how to combat the irritation?

Re: Murad Acne Complex

Have you been using the system in the morning and at night?

Is it the 30 day kit for $35 you're using for the $60 full sized kit?

Re: Murad Acne Complex

It's the 30 day kit and I've been using it twice a day.

Re: Murad Acne Complex

Do you wake up with that much oil on your skin in the morning to do the whole regimen? Try skipping the cleansing step in the AM and just use one treatment at a time or just at night.


The Exfoliating Acne Gel will serve as your basic salicylic acid based treatment for a slew of blemish types while the Spot Treatment is sulfur based and better for drying out whiteheads/pustular blemishes. Avoid layering both these at one time to prevent over drying skin. Sulfur can be quite harsh on skin that is new to the ingredient.


For example, in the morning:


-Exfoliating acne gel OR Spot Treatment (try saving the ST for just when whiteheads appear)

-Oil Control Mattifier SPF (you always want to be sure to use SPF in the day time





-EAC or ST (again, choose the one that best applies to the blemishes at hand)

-Skin Perfecting Lotion


Once a mask about once a week.

Re: Murad Acne Complex

@lylysa I don't wake up with any oil on my face and now I feel like my face is too dry for the first time. I'm definitely going to try your suggested changes to the regimen. Thank you so much for answering!

Re: Murad Acne Complex

No problem!


Weather can play a big role and since it's winter time, skin can feel even drier than normal. Try little changes here and there slowly to see how your skin reacts (whether positive or negative) so you can get the best gauge on how to proceed! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Murad Acne Complex

I found when I first started using it that it was the gel (step 2) that made my skin tighten up and stress.


I'd recommend either cutting down to once a day - just a basic cleanse/moisturize in the morning and the system at night. I use generic "cleansing" wipes from Walmart in the morning before putting anything else on my face, and that helped me a lot.


I hope you can figure out what the problem is! 

Re: Murad Acne Complex

Thanks so much!

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