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Make up separation

PLEASE HELP ME! I struggle and redo my make up 2-3 times a day and I’ve tried several different formulas of make up I have oily skin with some dry patchiness. I use MILK MAKEUP Mini Hydro Grip Setting + Refreshing Spray 1.69 oz/ 50 mL  the cannabis infused primer. I use #FENTY Pro filt’r hydrating Soft matte the one in the tube and I use Drunk Elephant Protini™ Polypeptide Moisturizer 1.69 oz/ 50 mL #and I try to use setting spray to keep everything locked in. But my make up keeps separating throughout the day. My anxiety is killing me and it makes me so self conscious. PLEASE HELP

Re: Make up separation

Oily with dry patches, sounds like you have combo skin.


Remember that even if you have oily skin, to not restrict your skin too much by using mattifying products, as it can make things worse.


If you are using that Milk Hydro Grip product, ill say this, and this is my opinion, i tried it myself too, and after feeling what it did to my skin, i would avoid it. I also have combo skin, and that hydro grip thing seems very concentrated and could be one thing that doesnt help your skin.


Have you consulted a dermatologist?


Do you have a skincare routine to take care of your skin first?



Re: Make up separation

Honestly I’ve been teaching myself all of the things I know I wash my face in the morning and put the moisturizer on. Any steps or products you could advise me? I use setting powder I’m not sure which products to use with what but I really am in need of serious one on one guidance to be able to find a balance for myself.

Re: Make up separation

First, when you can, you should see a dermatologist.


In the meantime, i would suggest to use sensitive skin friendly products. 


You are oily and dry and so your skin needs hydration. 


Do not try to control the oil too much by using mattifying products, its something that can make things worse.


Oil means skin is dehydrated. Dry patch means skin is having issue retaining moisture.

If you use products that are too drying, do you see how it could make it worse?


Look for gentle products. 


I could suggest a few things that works for me, but it doesnt mean it would work for you. 


Look at all the products you use, are they gentle ? Are they very oil restricting? Are they full coverage?


This is my opinion, but with what you described, i personally would drop the hydro grip, Fenty and primer and would simply go with a moisturizer.


As for foundation, i would suggest to use only light to medium coverage. I use the Almay foundation (the one in the glass bottle).


Remember, the more you add to your skin to try and cover, the more you have to cleanse. The more we cleanse the more skin can react.


Be simple with products and keep a good skincare routine.


I hope this helps

Re: Make up separation

Hi @lotsofglitter05!


I have oily skin and it helps to blot my face after sunscreen and again after foundation/concealer.  I apply powder after blotting to avoid cakey looking foundation.


Skincare and prep are definitely the most important steps in getting a great base to work on.  Application techniques and using a clean brush/sponge make a huge difference as well.

Re: Make up separation

@lotsofglitter05 Do you use a setting powder?


Re: Make up separation

Yes I do but I don’t know the combination of products I should use and I use several different brands

Re: Make up separation

@lotsofglitter05 it could be the primer or foundation not working with your skin type.

Re: Make up separation

@lotsofglitter05  Sometimes it can also be from the way you are applying it. For example if its with a brush or a beauty blender. Also some products just don't work together, so try switching out the primer, or the foundation.

Re: Make up separation

I don't have specific products to name but more types of products to use with oily skin. I also have it, so I understand the struggle. Possibly start using a mattifying primer - I didn't see you note using one and just using moisturizer. If you still want to use the moisturizer, powder your face afterward with a setting power and set that with a setting spray before doing your normal foundation routine, which would probably include using powder on top of that and setting it with a spray as a last step.  I use this in the summer specifically - adding primer after the setting spray step and then adding foundation - and it works really well in keeping the complexion products on me for longer. Also, check what you're doing skincare wise. I know using products towards oily skin like toners will help with makeup afterwards! I know it wasn't as specific as it could be but I hope it helps and you're able to get the results you deserve! 🙂

Re: Make up separation

I’ve also spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars at sephora I just don’t want to keep wasting my money

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