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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Looking for some help with acne

So, I have acne, and all I want is clear skin! My acne is not heavy, I guess it is pretty mild. I want my pimples to go away, but I don't want something that is going to make my skin really really dry. Any recommendations? 

Re: Looking for some help with acne

I second everything DesertRose said - I bought that benzoyl peroxide on her recommendation and I also use the Korres wild rose sleeping facial. The sleeping facial alone seems to help my acne (its pretty mild too, can't really tell from far away but up close you can see the bumpiness) and it really helps with reducing spot size and brightening my skin while preventing it from getting dry - its a fairly heavy moisturizer but not overly suffocating.


The DDF benzoyl is pretty expensive but it comes with a lot. I would imagine any 5% benzoyl peroxide would do.


Also think about what exacerbates your acne. Talc in make up powder (blushes, face powders) irritates my acne, so I avoid it. I knew it was irritating because I started getting small red bumps on my cheeks where I was putting my blush. Just something to be aware of. Funny thing is, that Mario Badescu drying lotion has talc in it!! I have the Kate Somerville version on my wish list here.

Re: Looking for some help with acne

Broken record time:




Mine has made my skin fabulous! I feel like I tried everything, including two prescriptions, and nothing has helped like my Clarisonic has. I think it really helps deep clean all the gunk out of my pores, so nothing gets trapped to cause pimples, as well as helps any other treatments I use absorb better.


I have the pro mode, and I use the acne brush head almost ever day. I use it with the acne cleanser. I then use Origins Zero Oil toner to help control oil and an extra pore cleaner. Make sure you moisturizer as well. I use a light oil free moisturizer from MAC. 


At night, make sure you remove all your make up before you sleep! I find having make up removing wipes is a great product to have on hand, because even when I'm exhausted, the wipe takes a second and makes sure I'm not sleeping in my makeup. I use MAC because they get everything and make my face feel moisturized. I follow with toner again to make sure I got everything, and then spot treat if I need to. Tea Tree Oil, Benzoyl Peroxide, and Salicylic Acid are different types of acne fighters that work for different people. I also moisturize at night, since many acne treatments are drying. 


Once a week, I use a mask. Boscia Black Mask is a fan favorite, and Queen Helene's Mint Julep is cheap drugstore option. I also exfoliate once a week with a scrub. Those days I skip the Clarisonic, because it's too much exfoliation. The scrub helps get all those flakey skin particles off, and can help with mores stubborn white heads. Soap and Glory's Scrub Your Nose in it is one I'm using now, and it helps clears pores. I don't think Sephora carries it anymore however. Ocean Salt from Lush is another great one.

Re: Looking for some help with acne

The best thing to do is to go to your doctor and ask for prescription. My doctor gave me tretinoin and it works wonders. You literally see results over night. This does make my skin dry so I like to use Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment on top of this. It helps prevent dry flakes in the morning. Benzoyl peroxide is also a helpful product because it penetrates through your skin an kills any bacteria. Don't use tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide at the same time because the benzoyl peroxide will deactivate the tretinoin


morning: use benzoyl peroxide

night time: use tretinoin and aquaphor

Re: Looking for some help with acne

I know you don't want something that is really drying, but the only thing that helped with a patch of acne I had, was to use benzoyl peroxide. I tried clean & clear (it was ok), but the proactive repairing treatment really did the trick.  It was drying, but now I just use it a few times a week at night (not every day!) and my skin is combination. It isn't too terribly dry, yes I have dry patches, but it's winter so I expect that and just exfoliate them and them moisturize them with a good cream. Hope this helps!

Re: Looking for some help with acne

i use benzoyl peroxide and it works really well for me also.  I love the DDF 5% benzoyl peroxide cream with tea tree oil.  I used to use the clean and clear one, but found that it was way too drying.  I switched to the DDF, and keeps my skin very balanced and doesnt over dry it.  I apply it to my face every night before bed, let it sink in for a few minutes, then apply a moisturizer (Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Facial) over that.  I highly recommend it!  You can find it at Ulta.


ddf cream.png



Re: Looking for some help with acne

I was so depressed. Benzoyl peroxide worked beautifully for my sister but I am unfortunately allergic. Smiley Sad


Re: Looking for some help with acne

oh no! have you tried tea tree oil diluted?  or salicylic acid (some people have great results with sal acid - unfortunately it didn't work for me). 

Re: Looking for some help with acne

I haven't tried the tea tree oil but I have tried salicylic acid. Since I got my Clarisonic I like to think it's because there was so much left over nasty that it didn't help because it couldn't get to the problem Smiley Tongue Part of me just wants to stick to this no medication thing for a bit because my dermatologist... well lets say first appointment I had he asked no questions and didn't really look at me... @_@



But maybe I'll use up the last tiny bit I have of my old prescription and see what happens.

Re: Looking for some help with acne

If they don't look at your skin and discuss, I would try someone else.

Re: Looking for some help with acne

Tea Tree works well but, as roxystar said, should be diluted with a carrier oil.

Re: Looking for some help with acne

I was in the same boat. (Still kinda am but it's getting better). I know some people preach about certain products and I am seriously about to right now so sorry for this I'm going to talk your ear off Smiley Tongue


It biggest thing I have done for my skin at this point in time has pretty much been kinda... not cool. I gave it a period of time were I really didn't touch it. Even with makeup with the exception of my eyes and lips. So it calmed down after my horrible experience with proactive which seriously made it bleed... *unamused face*.


After that I was just cleaning with my CereVe every night and morning and as much as I love it, it did nothing for my acne and black heads. And it was at this time I was really researching skin care and how to build my routine. Of course I found the Clarisonic which I did purchase (just last week actually) and I love it so far but I haven't gotten to that purging phase yet but even a few spots have started to pop up. 


I still have a lot of work to do on mine like finding the right cleanser for me which at the moment after talking to a juice beauty rep I think I might get 2 of theirs. Cleansing milk to use at night with my Clarisonic and the blemish cleanser for the morning.


At the moment I have been using So Totally Clean Toner too it doesn't burn or dry me out I just question if it is actually cleaning my face or not...?


So I guess what I am trying to say is take it back pretty much to the basics. I haven't been using any masks or anything (which I'm kinda bummed about I love my masks) because I want my skin to get a bit clearer before I start putting it through a lot. So Clean, Tone (if needed), Moisturize. Hardest part is finding products that work for you and your skin so that requires so research. 


Hope that helps in some/any way at all. Smiley Happy

Re: Looking for some help with acne

A new derm I saw suggested CeraVe foaming wash, however I tried it and wasn't feeling clean and there seemed to be a residue and if I didn't moisturize right away face would get itchy...I went back to my philosophy purity made simple, it's not drying or tightening, removes makeup, feels clean and no residue and is gentle with the Clarisonic, which I use once at night even now and then.


I have also stopped eating some dairy (really just cut out dairy milk, will have a little cheese) and my skin seems better.


I haven't been using acne medicine for awhile, even though she gave me Aczone for the face I haven't started it, it's not a typical acne med. They have a website for info.


As for products: Korres wild rose cleanser, sleeping facial (in the morning the bumps are very much lessened - just need a light layer), Origins modern friction every now and then, Origins clear improvement (I only use where needed) or Fresh clay bar. I did go through a bottle of The Body Shop's tea tree toner (if you are sensitive it made me redder) currently using Mario Badescu cucumber lotion (it's a liquid toner and yellow). Did use a sample of Mario's drying mask, where needed, and it seemed to help, I currently have their drying lotion. With both toners you do see some lose particles on the cotton round. As for moisturizer I switch off depending on skin, Neutrogena (with nothing in it) to Estee Lauder oil-free spf.

Re: Looking for some help with acne

i have combo skin too

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