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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Looking for Exfoliator

I have oily and acne-prone skin. It's kinda sensitive too. Currently, I am using Murad 3-step skin routine treatment. I just ran out of the exfoliator that I used once a week. Here's my concern. Should I get those daily exfoliating pads or get something for one-a-week use? I am thinking the daily pads might interfere the Murad treatment. Need help please!!! Thank you Smiley Happy

Re: Looking for Exfoliator

I am using Clarisonic brush. And I realize Murad Cleanser doesn't work well with it because I feel like the cleanser doesn't generate enough foams to help the brush move smoothly across the face. Anyone can recommend me a cleanser that I can keep in the shower and pair up with Clarisonic brush? Thank you!

Re: Looking for Exfoliator

Foam does not mean it's working.... foam means there's sulfates in the product to generate foam Smiley Wink I've used the clarisonic with milk, clay, gel, foam, cream... they all work the same. Just make sure you're not using a cleanser that has any sort of grit or beads in it. They can get stuck in the brush & break it. I also try to make sure the brush is just touching my skin, you don't want to press down hard on the skin with it. I don't wash my face in the shower because it wastes too much water, the temp is too high for my face, and once I rinse out my conditioner I always have to clean my face again so I don't break out from it. 

Are you using the clarisonic daily or just a few times a week. If you're sensitive, then I wouldn't be using the clarisonic daily, an acne regimen and a scrub once a week. That sounds like it can over dry your skin and in turn cause more oil & breakouts. Murad makes a lot of different products for acne, which 3 products are you using? Exfoliator pads are essentially a presoaked toner, so if you're already using a toner, you don't need the pads. Which exfoliator where you using? 

Re: Looking for Exfoliator

Like Dannyc said, foam does not correlate with whether a cleanser is working. The Murad face wash you use is sulfate free so it's not going to produce a rich, foamy lather. Sulfates are salts and detergents that generate that visual and physical sensation of foam and suds which we may associate with being "clean" but in the long end can dry skin out by stripping away essential oils our skin needs to keep balanced.


Since your skin is already getting a fair amount of chemical based exfoliants like salicylic acid (which is a beta hydroxy acid), which works by working deep to target pores, regulate and control oil and sebum production, and rid surface bacteria, consider what your skin actually needs in regards to an exfoliant.


Are you looking for more of a surface based, physical exfoliator (not to be used with the Clarisonic) to where you feel particles scrubbing at skin to remove excess dead skin cells at the surface or are you looking for a heftier chemical and possibly even combined physical exfoliant?


For starters, check out Boscia's Facial Smoothing Polish. It's a gentle, preservative free line that doesn't use synthetic fragrances or colors and is void of many possible irritants while relying on botanical based formulas.



This exfoliator uses gentle sugar polymers as opposed to granuals which are soft and feel like jelly beads. These help polish skin and won't tear or irritate, but provide a gentle massaging action to remove dead skin. Willowherb is a natural source of salicylic acid and helps to draw out excess oil and dirt while jojoba extract is rich in antioxidants.


If you're looking for a one-two punch exfoliator that offers physical and chemical based exfoliants but still in a gentle formula, try Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate Gentle.


Gentle and rounded microbeads give that physical sensation of exfoliating, while chemical based exfoliants such as glycolic acids (fruit enzymes) like lemon, orange, and pumpkin as well as lactic acid (milk protein and enzymes). These ingredients are rich in vitamin C and will help brighten and keep skin even along with doing in a very delicate manner, helping to encourage new and healthy skin cell regeneration. Soothing ingredients like sweet almond extract, sage, geranium, aloe, and vitamin E help balance out the potency.


Try to exfoliate 1-2x a week and be sure not to use harsh pressure when massaging or applying product. Let the formulas do the work for you while you lightly go over skin with finger tips.

Re: Looking for Exfoliator

Thank you so much! I have been using this Murad Value kit for about 5 weeks.


Murad is kinda intense already. Do you think I should get the Boscia's Facial Smoothing Polish?

Re: Looking for Exfoliator

Yes, the Murad kit is quite intensive, but if you're finding good results, then kudos! The line and products are meant to be used with one another to give maximum results so it appears you're on the right track.


I think the Boscia scrub would be a great supplementary product that will add to your routine without overwhelming or throw things off balance! It would be a great starting point and let you decide whether or not you need to have your skin graduate to more potent or intensive exfoliators. It's always easier to start slow and ease into something new than over do it the first time around!

Re: Looking for Exfoliator

That's very true! Thank you so much!!

Re: Looking for Exfoliator

Are you talking about the Alpha/Beta peel pads from Dr.Gross? And what Murad treatment are you using now? It will help to give you a better answer. I see that your using the Murad cleanser but it's not considered a treatment. Are using something besides the cleanser?

Re: Looking for Exfoliator

Yes Alpha/Beta peel pads from Dr. Gross is one of the items I am looking at.

I am using this value kit from Murad


Thank you Smiley Happy 

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