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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Little bumps

I have little bumps under my skin (forehead), like acne but they aren't poppable, they are very small and never go away. what should i do? (there's no redness)

I've had the same issues for pretty much 10+ years. I'm 2...

I've had the same issues for pretty much 10+ years. I'm 28, and have oily skin. I've found that exfoliation doesnt work, pore strips dont work, trying to pop them doesnt work either because there isnt really anything to pop. They're just... THERE. It's quite annoying. In my recent research I've read that topical retinol cream can help (I have yet to try,) as well as clay masks.


I plan on going to a derm as well just to see/confirm what it is.


Goodluck! Keep me posted if you find a resolution and I will do the same.

I had the same and used retin a, which cleared it up. Als...

I had the same and used retin a, which cleared it up. Also drink a lot of water and sweat/exercise, I found that it helps them come to a head and wash out of the skin. A moisturizer might help too if you're not using one.



It's my experience with my acne prone skin that trying to...

It's my experience with my acne prone skin that trying to guess on which product to use can lead to more breakouts. And it takes at least two weeks for you to determine if the product is working. I always suggest like the previous two gals did, that you seek advice from the dermatologist. Save yourself some time and money by doing that first.

Hiya rockandrollmann - I agree with kssweetheart, it coul...

Hiya rockandrollmann - I agree with kssweetheart, it could be a number of things depending on the circumstances.  As she said, if you have bangs, it could be clogging your pores and the excess sweating probably isn't helping.  It could also be milia (if its something you have had a long time).  Or, it could be a heat rash.  Because of this weather we have been having, I just got one myself (heat rash) along my forehead and hairline.  For that, there is not much you can do but try to keep the area cool and clean, or try using calming products with aloe to soothe the area.  Sometimes I use an ice pack as well and in two days its usually gone.  If its milia, that is more tricky and difficult to overcome.  Some people suggest exfoliation to unclog the pores, but sometimes exfoliation can also make the milia worse.  In the past (many years ago), I had my derm remove two of three milia that were especially bad, but its a cumbersome process and not really effective to move like tons of bumps, more so if you have one or two really big milia that you want to extract.  If it is something that just happened, it could just be a temp reaction.  Try a little GENTLE exfoliation and light moisturizer (nothing to heavy).  If it doesn't go away, seeing your dermatologist might be the best option. :-)

Hey rockandrollmann - I have a couple of questions for yo...

Hey rockandrollmann - I have a couple of questions for you if you don't mind, hopefully, it will help us give you the best feedback. I was wondering how old you are? Do you have bangs? If so, for how long? Whats the rest of your skin like and what skincare do you use? Do they ever itch or anything? Can you give us an approximate length of time that you've had them. (months, years and how many)


I'm not really sure what it might be but at this point I'd say you should go do the Dermatologist and have them check it out. They may look at it and say 'oh, okay it's __________, just use _______  product every night and it should be gone within 'X' amount of time. It may just be simple. Although, you never know, it might be something that takes a little longer to diagnose and/or treat. I don't know what your insurance is like, if you have insurance. The Dermatologist is the best place to go, if that's not financially do-able then a regular doctor might be able to tell you, I just hate the idea of you going to a GP and then have them refer you to a dermatologist.


Maybe some other people here might have had some experience with this very thing. I do hope you'll go to the doc though. I know how much you'll hate to hear this but, don't touch them! I know that may not be easy to do, but you could do damage that shows now or the damage might not show for years. If you have bangs try to keep your bangs off of your forehead. Another question, does this just happen in warner weather?


I hope you'll come back and let us know the outcome. Best of luck with this, hang in there.

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