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Itchy rash from Kate Somerville Blemish Banisher kit? Anyone else have a bad reaction?

Ok, this is going to be long....hopefully someone can give me some advice. I found the Blemish Banisher kit on and picked it up in the store. My acne breakouts have been crazy lately and all the great reviews gave me so much hope that maybe this could be the thing to finally turn my skin around. The first night I used the kit, it immediately made my skin feel better. The next morning, the EradiKate had significantly reduced the size and redness of my cystic pimples. Fast forward a about four more days, and my skin is SO ITCHY and dry! I also first noticed a patch of little itchy bumps, like a rash, on my left cheek. Today I noticed it on the other side two in two different places. Tonight the itching on my face is bothering me so much I just can't use the kit whatsoever, even though I really wish I could apply the EradiKate again because it has been helping my pimples decrease in size a lot which is nice. Downside though is I am breaking out more after starting to use this, but not sure if it was caused by the kit or it was just going to happen anyways.


I do find the Detox Cleanser to be a little drying (once I rinse it off, my face feels more tight), and the Oil Free Moisturizer stings a little when I apply it. I wouldn't consider my skin to be sensitive to products whatsoever. Even though I have acne prone skin, nothing has ever given me a rash or adverse reaction. I've gotten dry skin from overwashing or using harsh products with 10% benzoyl peroxide, etc....but never this bad and usually it was during the winter and I just didn't moisturize enough. I've been using this kit as directed, and I think the EradiKate is the reason behind the dry itchy skin but the rashes I honestly have no idea how those came about because i don't apply the EradiKate anywhere near over on the sides of my cheeks (I do not have acne there)...


Has anyone else had a not so great experience with it? Should I only not be using EradiKate every night? Also, the EradiKate is supposed to dry up the pimples...but how do I remove all that dry skin afterwards (like going out the next day and not having flakes everywhere?)...simply moisturizing doesn't help. I feel like exfoliating would be the only thing to help but that would further irritate my skin. Not to mention, I'm breaking out even more..


ANY advice would be appreciated. Maybe I should just try Philosophy's Clear Days Ahead kit...I don't know.



Re: Itchy rash from Kate Somerville Blemish Banisher kit? Anyone else have a bad reaction?

I started using Kate Sommerville's acne spot ointment 4 days ago.  The first and second day were ok then I started to break out in what seemed to be hives.  Itchy and red all over my face. I am mortified.  My original request was the Origins Super spot remover, the Sephora employee suggested this Kate ointment.  I should have not taken her advice.



Re: Itchy rash from Kate Somerville Blemish Banisher kit? Anyone else have a bad reaction?

I'm currently dealing with this! It is so frustrating, in an attempt to get rid of a few blemishes, my skin reacted horribly! Redness and bumps all over my face!! They are getting slightly itchy. It is so nerve wrecking. Returned that kit immediately. My skin is so dry, if this doesn't clear up within two weeks, I'm headed to a dermatologist 😞

Re: Itchy rash from Kate Somerville Blemish Banisher kit? Anyone else have a bad reaction?

I have had exactly the same reaction and I am fighting a bunch of new itchy horrible pimples under my mouth 😢.  This is truly a nightmare considering it is Christmas and I am already horribly self conscious about my face!  I returned the kit immediately but it caused all this damage within three days of using it. 

I've had that happen to me before and I found out that I...

I've had that happen to me before and I found out that I had rosacea, but of course everyone is different. Maybe you're allergic to sulfur or benzoyl peroxide. If that's the case and you're thinking of trying the Philosophy kit, go ahead since it does not contain sulfur. While sulfur is good for some people, some products with sulfur in them are difficult washing off. I've had good results with Philosophy, so it doesn't hurt to try it. If you start experiencing similar symptoms with the Philosophy kit, I would say go to your family doctor to ask him/her to prescribe you something to calm the rash down. I say doctor and not dermatologist because a dermatologist visit can be quite costly depending on your insurance. Remember with every product, start slowly and build your skin's tolerance to them. If your skin is dry using twice a day, use it only nights. If that still persists, use it every other night. I hope this helps and good luck!

You poor dear!! Sounds like your skin was getting horse t...

You poor dear!! Sounds like your skin was getting horse tranquilizers where a cup of chamomille tea would have done the trick.


Some general points to keep in mind, 

- When changing skin care, do it gradually and have patience. One product at a time and at the very least 3 nights between each change. Your skin is incredibly adaptable but don't just pull the rug out overnight or it will show the stress in full force the next day.

- Whenever possible, spot treating is the best practice, especially with congested pores. 


That said, let's get you on the path to the clear, radiant skin we know is in there!

Kate makes a wonderful line of well crafted, potent products without a lot of nonsense fillers, fragrances, and whathaveyous. But they must be used carefully, and again, keep the treatment specific products to a minimum and focus on nurturing skin. Many treatment starter kits wind up being too much for skin to handle, especially if you switch everything in one night. It's not the fault of brands--after all they want to showcase the best of their line to help you achive the best skin of your life! But with some mix and matching, and a little patience, there's a perfect routine for everyone.


First things first, the cleanser left you tight, not a good sign, try one that's just focused on gently removing the excess oil and makup residue from your skin, 2 great options are First aid Beauty's Daily cleanser or Clarisonic's salicylic cleanser (yes, it's a treatment-oriented cleanser, but it's a gel-cream base that conditions while it unplugs stubborn pores--read: it's clarifying but gentle and will never leave you tight). A clarisonic cleansing device is the best thing you can do for your skin, definitely look into it and try one in the store next time you're in, but if you're not ready to make that investment, one pump or a nickle size dot of cleanser in your hand, add a little warm water and *lightly* work around face with pads of your fingers in little circular motions for at least 30 seconds (gentle cleansers take a little longer to work oil out of pores, give them time to work!).


Kate's oil free moisture is awesome, it's in a package that prevents contamination (think about all the bacteria that gets left in a jar package if you put your fingers in twice a day for 3 months or so...ick.), keeps the ingredients fresh and potent from first pump to last. The formula is (clearly) oil-free, yay! Although cosmetic oils in moisturizers are no more or less likely to clog pores than oil-free counterparts, Oil-free formulations are made for those who like a light texture that soaks right in and is undetectible to the eye. As an added bonus, this is one of very *very* few "basic" moisturizers that has peptide technology to keep collagen production high, and stave off the formation of fine-lines and wrinkles. As far as the discomfort you're experiencing, I'm confident that if you ease up in a couple areas (cleanser and treatment, still to follow) that will no longer be an issue.


The antibac lotion is another product that is very treatment oriented, there's no reason to slather your whole face with antibac, it is a harsh ingredient by nature, so keeping it to a spot treatment or just small acute areas is your best bet to minimize irritation and maximize results. Another way to use antibac is when you find yourself with a recently popped blemish, it's a good time to put a very thin layer of antibac aroudnd the area, just to ensure you aren't spreading any acne bacteria around. Using harsh products for long periods often leads to excess oil as your skin tries to get the irritants out of pores and far away. 


Eradikate is Fan. Tastic. Sulfur is an excellent anti-inflammatory for skin tissue, as we all know redness and irritation is 90% of the battle with acne. It also dries up the excess oil that's trapped in the pore, giving you a chance to cleanse out any remaining debris and P.acne bacteria, leaving you with smooth, clear skin! :):) If you need to give it an extra kick, put a dot of antibac on first, then EK. 


Another often overlooked area for acneic skin is our cosmetic tools, brushes, sponges, towels, tweezers, etc. All of them need extra care to keep from spreading bacteria and contaminants around the face during or after a breakout. 

Brushes - synthetic is best because they hold less stuff (product, dust, flakes of skin, bacteria, moisture, oil, etc.), and their easier to care for, 2 sprays of a daily brush cleaner, quick back and forth rubbing on a tissue, and you're good to go. Just make sure they have ample access to air, not in a drawer or stuffed in a makeup bag; if they must be kept in those conditions, use a once weekly brush cleaner on sunday afternoon, and leave them all spread out *outside* of the bathroom so they can dry thoroughly overnight. 

Cosmetic tools like tweezers should be wiped down with alcohol once a week as well.


Best of luck!

Re: You poor dear!! Sounds like your skin was getting horse t...


face treatment eradikate and cleanser by Kate Somerville
I have been using these products for about a week now. I woke up this morning and I have a rash that is red with little bumps and very itchy all along my jaw line. I’m wondering if this is a reaction I’m having to the product or if this is some how my skin cleaning the debris out. What should I do?

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