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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Is this my acne solution regimen??

Well, every so often I try something new for my acne and I always go up to my husband a week or so after starting it and say "my skin looks better, doesn't it?!" and it turns out to be a fluke and my breakouts continue.  However, I am hoping that I have finally found the perfect balance this time and that I may have discovered my skin solution regimen!


I have tried a lot in the last 8 years since beginning my 20s with major cystic acne problems.  Dermatologist (Doryx, clindamycin), Clinique Acne Solutions foundation and 3 step system, Proactive, the natural route, Clarisonic, etc.


Here is what I do now:


-wash face with honey.  Yep, that's it, honey.

-MURAD Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30

(-my makeup routine includes Smashbox primer, Dior or Revlon foundation, concealer, NARS loose powder, I haven't changed this)



-wash face with Origins Frothy Face Wash

-Origins A Perfect World toner

-Clarisonic 2x a week

-MURAD Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask 1x a week

-PeterThomasRoth DeSpot on chin and cheeks

-Josie Maran Argan Oil with tea tree oil added all over face


I'm hoping this continues!!  I have small whiteheads occasionally but no huge painful cysts, and those are the ones that scar and ruin my face for at least 8 months.


Good luck to everyone else searching for their solution.


Re: Is this my acne solution regimen??

I've had some success recently as well! In general I have a lot of tiny bumps on my forehead... wouldn't call them whiteheads, but sometimes they are more inflamed/exaggerated. I would get a whitehead or two on my chin per week. I am working to get rid of old acne marks on my cheeks. I have blackheads but still haven't really found a cure for those but I have big pores and have just gotten used to it. This is what I have been doing... there are some similarities! My forehead looks a lot smoother and I haven't gotten a white head in weeks!



-Wash face with Orange Essence Facial Cleanser with Orange oil (Burt's Bees) OR Murad's Clarifying Cleanser if I wake up really greasy

-Spritz of Lush's Tree Tea water toner

-Ole Henrikson Truth Serum (has helped a lot with brightening marks!)

-Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

-Make-up - I let my skin breath a couple days, otherwise Tarte 12 hour BB primer

-Clarisonic 2-3x week (I do this in AM)



-Wash face with Origins Frothy Face Wash

-3x week argan oil only (this has helped control my oil production so much) - I used to mix it with tea tree oil but be careful, it still may not be diluted enough and you may get a chemical burn on your skin/redness from it. Now I generally spray a little of my Lush Tea Tree Water spray toner before applying the argan oil

-2x week benzoyl peroxide product

-2x week retinol product

-1x week Origins Charcoal mask (helps with oil production)

-1x week Proactiv sulfur mask (I find my acne responds best to sulfur - benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid don't seem as effective... I LOVE this mask)

-Moisturize with Clinique DD gel or a sample of Ole's pure transformation cream


What I removed:

-Harsh exfoliators!! I used to use an exfoliating face wash MORNING AND NIGHT. Yikes. Acne prone skin = sensitive skin. Bad idea. Once or twice a month I use Philosophy's resurfacing peel which is an exfoliator+chemical activator. I use this if I start to notice dry patches on my cheeks.


I think I might try the maracuja oil next... there are some natural sites that sell it online for super cheap so I would not buy Tarte's... but I hear its high in vitamin C which is great at brightening the skin/marks and is not as heavy as argan oil (maybe a summer alternative?).


Good luck everyone!! 

Re: Is this my acne solution regimen??

I'm still doing the same thing and it's working!  I had NO "active" pimples for the last week, and none at the wedding yesterday!  HOORAY!

Re: Is this my acne solution regimen??

That's so great to hear! How do you like the DeSpot?

Re: Is this my acne solution regimen??

That's one thing I won't be repurchasing.  It helps my skin feel smooth, but I haven't noticed any significant visible fading of any of my scars and I've been using it twice a day since February, almost through a whole bottle.  I can't use the stronger stuff with Hydroquinone since I am pregnant.

Re: Is this my acne solution regimen??

Thanks for the feedback! Very much appreciated from a fellow "spotted" gal

Re: Is this my acne solution regimen??

Thanks for posting this! I too have cystic acne that started when I was 19 years old, and am still searching for my HG skin care regimen. I am excited to try washing with honey! I personally have had good luck with Boscia Soothing Cleansing Cream, but it is a bit pricy so I would like to find another solution! I also would like an update in a month like jennypenny1995 requested!

Re: Is this my acne solution regimen??

Would love to hear if you're on the same products a month from now because I struggle with the same thing.  Try a line, then change a line, try a line, then change a line.  Ugh!

Re: Is this my acne solution regimen??

Will do!  I sure hope I'm doing well a month from now because it's my brother's wedding and I'm in it, I would love to have clear skin!

Re: Is this my acne solution regimen??

I am dying to know just how you wash your face with honey...  I'm picturing honey getting in my hair and it's not pretty!

Re: Is this my acne solution regimen??

It actually comes off super-cleanly!  If you search "wash your face with honey" you can find how to do it...just wet your hands, massage honey in between fingers until it is warm, spread on face and massage in, and then rinse off.  I usually leave mine on a little bit, maybe one minute.

Re: Is this my acne solution regimen??

Literally straight up honey from a bottle?? I'd be licking it off my face haha!


I get maybe one cystic acne every couple months and I know how painful they are; can't imagine having them on a regular basis! Glad to hear you found something that works for you!

Re: Is this my acne solution regimen??

Yep, straight from the bottle.  The less filtered (more raw) you can find the better. Smiley Happy

Re: Is this my acne solution regimen??

Oh i've been wanting to try using honey as a mask. I hear good things and bad things about it. I'm just afraid my skin won't like it!

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