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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Is the Clarisonic worth the money?

I am getting over a bad break out due to dreaded hormones I am assuming. I have it under control now, but I am still getting pimples mainly on my jawline and a little on my cheeks. Nothing too severe, but it's annoying. I only have a few active pimples right now, which are located on my jawline, and one little cyst on my chin. (Which THANK THE LORD is going away with just BP cream.)


I still have a good amount of acne scars on my face. Mainly on my right cheek. There is this massive scar that was two angry zits together, and now it's just a glob of ugly, weird, purple/red scar that takes a while to conceal.



Anyway, I was wondering if the Clarisonic was worth the money? Will it help my hormonal breakouts get under control when I have them, and also my just regular breakouts? Will it help my scars possibly fade faster?


Another quick question to add to this: What's a good acne scar cream for my face that is under $50?






Re: Is the Clarisonic worth the money?

I have been using my Clarisonic for 2 years now and I absolutely love it.  I too suffer from hormonal breakouts and while the Clarisonic hasn't all together gotten rid of my acne it definitely helps.  I use the acne brush head and I find that my face is softer and my scars have faded faster since using this.  I also find that whatever serums or creams I apply after cleansing with the Clarisonic absorb into my skin better.

Re: Is the Clarisonic worth the money?

Yes! The Clarisonic is worth every single penny in my opinion. I have very similar skin to yours, or had I should say thanks to the Clarisonic. Most of my acne was located on my cheeks, and no matter how big or small they were, they ALWAYS left a scar behind. At first I was a little skeptical because of the cost, and at first I didn't think it was helping me at all. My skin peeled at first, since it was not used to any sort of exfoliation whatsoever, and even seemed to get a little worse. However within two weeks, everything started clearing up and STAYED cleared up! All of the pesky little blackheads on my nose were gone, scars were slowly but surely fading, and my skin felt great. I still do occasionally break out, but it is not nearly as severe or noticeable as it was before I started using the Clarisonic. Also if you wear makeup, this is a must! I tested for myself to see how much makeup it removes that is left behind from normal washing. First I washed my face as I usually would. Then I washed it with my Clarisonic and there was SO much makeup that the brush removed! The Clarisonic definitely cleans your skin like no other.

Re: Is the Clarisonic worth the money?

I LOVE my Clarisonic! When I started using mine I realized how amazing my skin could look and feel. I have combo/oily skin and I have blackheads, clogged pores and acne. The Clarisonic helps tremendously with that. Before I bought it my skin would be so rough and clogged pores all over. I never realized how smooth and clear my skin could be! It will unclog your pores and exfoliate your skin. It won't prevent hormonal acne but it will help the acne treatment sink in better so it will make it heal faster. You may get a few breakouts from using it the first few weeks but that's normal so don't quit using it! As for scars, it will exfoliate your skin so yes it will help with scars a little but not as much as a good spot treatment. I also suggest getting the acne brush head since it's specifically for acne. Also, look into getting a kit because they're usually not much more than the Clarisonic itself and you get some really good products/extra brush heads with it. I think there's a kit out right now with the Mia2 and Boscia Bright White Mask which will help with your scars. I haven't tried a scar cream but I do love Murads Intensive C Radiance Peel. Its $50 I believe and it REALLY helps brighten my skin and fade scars quickly. Also I find that Vitamin E oil really helps fade the scar really fast.

Re: Is the Clarisonic worth the money?

It seems like I have similar skin to you.  I have hormonal acne along my jaw with some cysts.  

I've been very happy with my Clairsonic.  It was a gift so obviously cost wasn't as much of an issue.  At first, I was underwhelmed and thought it almost caused more acne.  But it was just the being purge of all the stuff getting out of your skin.  It helps prevent blackheads which then leads to less pimples.  I didn't use it this summer since I was out of the country and didn't want to bring my charger with me.  My skin felt awful when I came back - full of bumps and blackheads.  After a few weeks back using the Clairsonic, my skin is much smoother and I have fewer deep blackheads.  My skin is not super sensitive so if that is an issue for you, I would be more careful.  I still exfoliate my skin once a week using a scrub. 

Re: Is the Clarisonic worth the money?


When I first got my clarisonic, I was honestly disappointed because I thought it would be more.. idk feel like its doing something to my skin. 

so I just left it in my room.. 

but idk why i picked it up one day and decided to give it another shot, but I really came to love it

I've been using it for a bit more than 1 month, and I could tell that my face is a bit brighter, less discolored, and i have less hormonal breakouts. I still do, but less. 

its not something magical, but it does the deep cleansing job of makeup and impurities that your hands cannot do in one minute 


I did notice that my scars faded faster 

but hormonal breakouts needs other things.. ask your dermatologist. she gave me some dabber that kills acne bacteria because benzoyl perxoide was too harsh on my skin

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