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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Impossible Late Onset Acne

Help! As a teen I had perfectly clear skin with little to no effort. With age, I have started to get breakouts that are getting worse and worse each time. I've tried just about everything including gentle cleansers like purity by philosophy, mary kay skin care, arbonne, proactiv, products with salycilic acid, products with benzole peroxide, neutrogena, Clean and Clear, Biore-- When I try a new routine I stick to a strict twice a day policy, use it for a long time in hopes that it will "kick in", try to avoid touching my face and so on and so on... Every time I seem to go through oily spells and breakouts followed by dry skin, scabby breakouts, and under the skin painful bumps. Any reccomendations would be appreciated Smiley Happy FYI most breakots started on the chin area, and have begun to appear around the mouth over the past several months, occasional single blemishes appear on the forehead, rarely ever on the nose or cheeks, although there are a few visibly clogged poors in little patches on my cheeks about a 1/2 inch from the nose, scattered between the upper lip and eye.

I understand how you feel because I'm in my 40's and stil...

I understand how you feel because I'm in my 40's and still battle acne--especially cystic acne.  Smiley Sad  Anyway, since you've just started having breakouts I'm thinking it's probably due to hormonal changes.  However, there are a lot of good products that can help your breakouts.  I'm a big fan of Clinique's "Acne Solutions" line of products.  Below are a few that I would recommend:

Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam:

Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Moisturizer Oil Free:

Clinique Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion:

Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup:

Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Concealer:

Good luck and I hope this helps you.  Smiley Happy

I really like the Kate Somerville 911 kit. It has a high...

I really like the Kate Somerville 911 kit. It has a high level of Benzoyl Peroxide in the anti bac lotion, but it is time released so its more gentle on the skin. Also, one of Kate's tips is to mix the antibac lotion with the goats milk cream moisturizer in her line and that works like a charm. The eradikate product in her line is also fabulous. Check out the line and read the reviews. Her products are a bit of an investment, but totally worth it. Everything in that 911 kit is full size but the moisturizer.

I feel your pain -  I'm 30 and am still dealing with brea...

I feel your pain -  I'm 30 and am still dealing with breakouts on my chin and along my jawline.  Like the other posters mentioned it is likely hormonal, but not the same kind of hormonal as teen acne.  Teen acne and adult acne generally don't respond to treatments the same way. Because your skin is more mature and can't handle all of the stripping products like Proactive and Clean & Clear are doing to your skin, it's likely causing your skin to freak out further.

If you can't/don't want to go to a dermatologist, I suggest pairing down your skincare and using things more targeted towards adult skin instead of focusing on just acne.


Suggested routine - AM -

Gentle cleanser (like Cetaphil, Purity)

Acne treatment (

Balancing Moisturizer (

SPF (if it's not already in your foundation or choosen moisturizer)


PM -

Gentle Cleanser

Retinol for anti-aging and anti-acne (


Eye Cream



Re: I feel your pain -  I'm 30 and am still dealing with brea...

I agree with Kalex!
You should use something gentle in the morning or just rinse well with no soap and then something with acne fighting ingredients in the evening. I really like Neutrogena Oil Free face wash and I use Spectro Gel in the morning... It seems to be working pretty well, although I am also on a sulphur prescription and am using DEFRIN creme at nighttime

I absolutely agree with katie1724. Go to see a dermatolog...

I absolutely agree with katie1724. Go to see a dermatologist and/or your gynecologist. The first thing I thought of when I read your post was that you had hormonal changes going on. You'll save yourself money and aggravation if you address the problem at its root rather than trying to treat the symptoms. If hormones don't seem to be the problem, consider also if you have made any dietary changes recently. Sometimes radically changing our diets can throw off our skin. Also, food allergies can cause breakouts like this. (especially dairy allergies).

Good luck, gorgeous!

It sounds hormonal to me. Is there any way you could see...

It sounds hormonal to me. Is there any way you could see a dermatologist? If so, I highly recommend going. S/he will be able to assess what is going on and prescribe a regimen for your skin's needs -- or, if not a prescription, s/he can recommend good products to use that will not aggravate your skin. I always feel that seeing a dermatologist is the best solution for persistent problems. Sometimes you can find a product that really works, but if you don't, you'll end up wasting time and money, and putting your skin through the stress of trying multiple new products. 


: )

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