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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

I want clear skin!!!




I have tried everything out there, I swear. Drugstore brands to Sephora brands. I even bought a clarisonic! I've tried murad for acne...made me red and itchy. too strong or something. Tried Boscia black cleanser. Tried REN clay cleanser. I use Korres yogurt night mosturizer and I have different facial masks as well. my forehead is just bumpy and it's quite annoying. Mostly, you can't see the bumps but I can feel them. HELP!! 

Re: I want clear skin!!!

Like others have said, I vote for a visit to the dermatologist. I have been going to the derm (actually 2) for years, and I never took their advice because I wanted to use all natural, high-end products to clear my acne. Well, I finally decided to listen to one of them and started used Differin gel (prescription), and my face looks a lot better in just 2 weeks. I would see what a derm thinks you should do and stick to their plan. Best of luck!

Re: I want clear skin!!!

I agree dermatologist. Although I love many of the over-the-counter skincare lines, doctors have access to prescription medications, and you might need something with Retin-A in it. When I used it, I also used an over-the-counter cleanser and moisturizer.

Re: I want clear skin!!!

Another vote for the dermatologist! I tried every single product under the sun, including prescription topicals, for years and nothing worked. As a last resort, I finally went on Accutane. It is serisouly a miracle treatment. It is hard core and pricey but totally worth it if nothing else has worked. It got rid of my acne and made my skin go from super crazy oily to "normal". Since then (it's been about 5-6 years) I use Atralin for any random breakouts I get and it takes care of them. 

Re: I want clear skin!!!

Yes go see a Dermatologist! Listen to what they say/suggest/prescribe.

I only use face washes with salicylic acid in them , I am prone to breakouts but can not tolerate anything to strong. Its really about finding a balance of what works best for your skin. I do use a clairisonic , but only when I wear a full face of makeup. But yes go see and Dr. and try to do what they say , or find a calm , non-irritating face wash & skin routine.


Re: I want clear skin!!!

I'm going to assume since "you can't see the bumps but I can feel them", they don't have a "head". Sometimes I get those bumps under the skin. It could simply be clogged pores and not acne. I think too many people confuse the two. Or it could be cystic acne, which burrow deep with the dermis,and can leave scaring. I have yet to find a product that can remove cystic acne,no matter what the claim. 


I've never suffered from acne,however I am starting to get more breakouts than usual. I found that when I was on bc (mini pill) my skin was SUPER clear. I'm always one to recommend non-pharmacological measures first,but sometimes individuals need more than cleansers,etc to help clear their skin. 


I read that you tried Murad. Did you try the BHA/AHA? You should get a sample if you haven't. BHA's/AHA's can help exfoliate the skin.  Dermalogica also makes a decent medicated line. There's a travel size you might to look into as well. 



Re: I want clear skin!!!

See a dermatologist. Seriously. I had terrible acne. Tried cheap, expensive, prescriptions etc....

what worked for me was Accutane. Google it. Its a pill and basically a last resort because there are so many risks but seriously I haven't looked back. 

Re: I want clear skin!!!

Go to your doctor/dermatologist and ask for Tretinoin! It's a prescription only topical treatment. My doctor prescribed it to me and I've been using it for almost 3 or 4 months and it has made a huge difference in my acne. You literally see a difference over night! I wish I had before and after pictures to show you how much of a difference it makes!


If you do get Tretinoin, I'll warn you that it will make your skin very dry and cracked. I only use this at night after washing my face and moisturizing. Then I use Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy on top to prevent dryness when I wake up. If you use this, ALWAYS use a moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher. 


I discovered a site from BT user drrragon called "obagi" and they have an article on Tretinoin. Here's what it says:

"Do not use tretinoin cream if you:

  • are sunburned, and not until your skin has fully recovered.
  • have eczema or other skin conditions. Tretinoin cream can cause severe irritation if used on eczema.
  • are allergic to any of the ingredients in tretinoin cream.

Tell your doctor if you are or may be pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or are breastfeeding. If you become pregnant while using tretinoin cream contact your doctor right away.

Tretinoin cream may make your skin very dry, red, swollen or blistered. Unless recommended by your doctor, avoid use of other acne medicines, including skin care products, that may irritate your skin or make it more sensitive to sunlight. You should talk to your doctor about the use of all skin care products and other medicines while using tretinoin cream. If you get severe skin irritation or irritation that will not go away, stop using tretinoin cream and call your doctor.


Do not use sunlamps, and spend as little time as possible in the sun. Use a daily sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher, along with a hat and sun protective clothing, and avoid cold weather and wind as much as possible.


Do not put tretinoin cream near your mouth, eyes, or open sores, or on the corners of your nose. Do not use more tretinoin cream, or use it more often, than prescribed, because too much may increase the irritation of your skin, and will not give faster or better results."


Re: I want clear skin!!!

What clarisonic head brush are you using? I had severe breakouts with clarisonic sensitive head brush, since I switched to the delicate one , my breakouts are healing and my face is less irritaated 

I had the same problem and murad acne kit made my breakouts worse, I have even tried the new murad acne solution and acne fast fix, they made my face worse and red. The only thing that seems to work on them is 100% tea tree oil. That oil dry my breakouts in hours. It is very drying but worth it for me. I use it only on the bumps. wallgreens sales it at $10. 

Re: I want clear skin!!!

the Murad acne products can be really irritating and make breakouts worss. I agree about seeing a dermatologist. that can **bleep** it all in the bud so you can go back to square one with a simple, gentle and effective skin care routine. So many products have so many chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, and other irritants it will just compound the problem. First  Aid Beauty is good, so is Clinique, Algenist, Mario Badescu... it will depend on what works for you. I use Algenist, and recently started with the Murad Vitamin C wash. Purity made me get clogged pores,  so I can't us that. Neeutrogena has good mild products, I would avoid fragranced skin care as much as possible. Good luck!!

Re: I want clear skin!!!

Purity works for me, I normally use at night to take the day off or with the clarisonic. I've used a few Mario products and they seem to work. Clinique not a fan of, and they are not for sensitive skin just fragrance free, my skin was better once stopped. I can only use Neutrogena oil-free sensitive moisturizer (white bottle) without problems..and their spray sunscreen. So yes it's a ton of trail and error.

Re: I want clear skin!!!

I agree! I was never able to use Purity before...but now, suddenly I love it. I guess my skin is changing. 

I love Mario Badescu! Clinique, FAB, and Algenist break me out...oh well, my skin likes the cheaper stuff better!

Re: I want clear skin!!!

Dermatologist. Seriously. 

I wasted years buying drugstore products, high end products, and stuff like Proactiv.

It will save you a ton of money if you just bite the bullet and finally go.

I personally, am an idiot. My skin cleared up, and I started using all this fancy, high end skin care, and my face exploded back into a cesspool of acne. Gross. Ugh. It has taken forever to get back to normal. 

Go to a reputable dermatologist, listen to them, and do what they say. It will save you money and your skin

Don't be an idiot like me...find a skincare routine that works, and stick with it. (Simpler is usually the best!) Don't experiment a lot. If there is something you want to try that is new, try ONE thing at a time. If you get all new makeup and skincare at the same time, you can't pinpoint what is making your face worse. (I'm still struggling with this! All the samples-give them away, seriously)

My current (finally streamlined) simpler routine for my oily, acne prone skin:

AM: gently wash face with Purity (I get too oily to just use water, but if you aren't that oily, don't use cleanser.)

PM: I wash my face twice with Purity-once for the makeup, second for any residue

Then, I wash it again, using my Clarisonic.

Then, I put on my eye cream and slather on Neutrogena sensitive skin oil free moisturizer. (I had to give up all of my high end

I use Epiduo (Rx) on any acne after my moisturizer absorbs.

Every other night, I use Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle peel pads, to help unclog pores, prevent wrinkles, and help get rid of my acne scars. Yeah, I know, I'm a picker....sigh 

I use masks all of the time, too...I love masks, so I try to only do that once a week. I'm a recovering skincare junkie. Simpler is better, most of the time. Learn from my mistakes...

Hope this helps!

Re: I want clear skin!!!

I have had the same exact type of skin you have. And I am still dealing with the little bumps but I also get acne that's scarred my fave as well I would honestly honestly recomend going to see a dermatologist or even an esthetician if nothing over the counter from drugstores to like you've said prestige brands from sephora are not working. They could possibly prescribe you a topical cream that's not over the counter or I have heard that there are certain facials that really clear up acne prone skin and there not as expensive as buying tons of products (which I've unfortunately done) that don't work. 

Re: I want clear skin!!!

Oh yeah, I've used all the products for well over 3 months. I definitely don't over use the products either. That's why I don't understand it. I will try the first aid beauty products!! Thanks!!

Re: I want clear skin!!!

How long have your tried 1 product? It takes at least 3 months of regular use to see results. Also don't over use as it will irritate more than help and you wont see faster results.


Have you seen a dermatologist? I recently was give Aczone it's completely different than regular acne topicals. They have a website with more information.


I also took a couple of years off from acne topicals (prescribed and not) and my acne is much, much, better.


You may also want to try a vitamin C product to help even skintone. I just started using OH truth serum, it's dries quickly, doesn't cause more oil, and face is looking brighter and more even toned..I have light skin, but brown marks from acne and they are healing. I've also used dark spot correctors, those take time and need to be used as said...Clinique dark spot corrector - does work though.

Re: I want clear skin!!!

No I haven't! Will that brand get rid of the bumps on my forehead? I know you can't really see the bumps but I feel them and it's annoying! I also have like red marks that never go away really. Idk if they are acne scars or what.

Re: I want clear skin!!!

I recently got one of my friends into First Aid Beauty. She has acne prone skin, and has a lot of little bumps, oily skin and dry, flaky patches. She's been using the cleanser for about two weeks now and has just been thrilled to death with it. Said it's the first product to ever clear up her face and make it look presentable. She went out without any makeup on last week! I'd highly, highly recommend trying their line, because I know they work wonders for some people, and you may end up really enjoying the full line of products. The best part? It's not ridiculously expensive!


This is the product I gave her:

Re: I want clear skin!!!

I love this cleanser! Smiley Happy I've been using it for a few weeks! 

Re: I want clear skin!!!

Love. This. Cleanser! It's amazing! And BrennaBombshell is so right--FAB is a definitely a more reasonably priced line. 

Re: I want clear skin!!!

Murad made me itchy too. Have you tried First Aid Beauty line here?

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