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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

I have acne only on my cheeks.

I have acne only on my cheeks. Nothing on my nose, chin or forehead, why is this? And what could be causing cheek acne? I have oily skin.

Re: I have acne only on my cheeks.

Hi there,

Cheek acne is really a tough business Smiley Sad Anytime I do something "wrong" - skip my workout, eat something unhealthy etc, there is always a few BIG guys appearing on my cheeks. 

I think there is no single person out there who has never suffered because of it. 
I was browsing the web to find solutions and found this article. 

It tells about acne on cheeks and how to get rid of them !


Since I love tea and especially green tea, this option suits me just fine. Smiley Happy
You can try the other methods as well.
Hope it was helpful 

The pores on your cheeks are smaller than the ones in you...

The pores on your cheeks are smaller than the ones in your T-zone, which means that when you produce more oil than usual for whatever reason, it's more likely to clog and much, much more likely to become inflamed.  


There are also a lot of things that can trigger cosmetic acne on the cheeks, which is almost always a factor.  Hair products are the worst offenders, and there are very few noncomedogenic products to point to.  However, a general rule of thumb is to occasionally use a clarifying shampoo to remove build up, and avoid pomades and hairsprays.  For styling products, silicone serums are the best choice, and you'll also want to be sure you're not using more shampoo or condition than necessary, which won't rinse properly.  And wear it up when you can to keep it off your face.


Secondly make sure you're removing eye makeup properly and not using any eye creams or concealers that are too emollient for your skin type.  A lot of us don't really think about how these products can travel away from the eye area, but they definitely do.  After using an eye makeup remover at night, you should be washing your whole face with a mild cleanser that's safe to use over the eye area to remove residues and keep your eye area healthy.  


Thirdly, we use more cosmetics on the cheeks than we do on most other parts of the face, so if you love foundation, primer, concealer, powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter... That's a lot of product!  This creates a lot of friction to blend and to remove.  Furthermore, blush is one of the most comedogenic products circulating today, and the more pigmentation or shimmer, the worse it is for acne.  Doesn't matter if it's powder either...D&C red dyes are a huge cause of breakouts, and the emollients that bind pressed powders are also problematic. 


If you can find a product that is multi-tasking and noncomedogenic for day-to-day use, you may see an improvement.  I like Clinique blush in Aglow, which is somewhere in between a bronzer, highlight, and blush.  Setting liquid foundations with loose powders or trying mineral makeup also helps a lot of people.  I would try to stick with oil-free powder blush/bronzers that are matte and avoid any cream or stick concealers.   Antibacterial brushes from Sephora brand and Tokidoki also really help problem skin, and keep you from using chemicals to clean your brushes.


Also makeup remover wipes are really rough on this area and just don't cut through a lot of makeup.  I like Clinique cleansing balm, which gets off everything.  Just be sure to follow with a cleanser. Adding a chemical exfoliant into the mix will also help.


Everyone mentions pillowcases, but you also might need to watch out for fabric softener.  Definitely not good to press your cheek against for eight hours or dry your face with.  It blocks absorption, clogs pores, and irritates the skin.



Cheeks are also a common spot for dermatitis, so you could have some allergy issues that you need to address.  A dermatologist will have to diagnose you.

Hi nikki312,    I know how you feel, I used to break out...

Hi nikki312, 


I know how you feel, I used to break out only on my nose or chin but a lot more lately I end up with those awful pimples on the cheeks. I found that most of the time mine were due to products that were far too heavy or emollient on my skin (creams,makeup, etc.) Make sure you use products that are oil free and try to stick to gel cleansers rather than creamy or milky ones. Smiley Happy 


As a spot treatment, I like the Origins Super Spot Remover Acne Treatment Gel. It's not too harsh or intensely drying on the skin. It also contains salicylic acid to beat bacteria, caffeine to calm the skin and red algae to relieve redness. 


Super Spot Remover™ Acne Treatment Gel

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Other than watching what foods you eat, try to change you...

Other than watching what foods you eat, try to change your pillowcases every other day. Change your towels twice a week and clean your cell phone with alcohol every other day. Since you're not asking for any product recommendations, all I can say is stick with a routine for your skin and avoid sunscreen for the time being. Just wear a hat and avoid the sun as much as possible. I hope this helps and good luck!

Hey nikki, well I use to have a lot of problems with acne...

Hey nikki,

well I use to have a lot of problems with acne and studied alot about it. The first thing to do with location of it being on just your cheeks means it might be heredity. Also observe your diet a lot I know some foods cause acne more so then others.    Make sure your using a oil free make up also. 

 Hope you get it under control hunSmiley Happy 

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