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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

I finally upgraded my Clarisonic...

...and feeling kinda guilty about it, so please leave your encouraging comments below! Smiley Happy


I've posted randomly over the last few months about my skin going crazy after going off BC pills after 11+ years. I think I finally have my breakouts under control on my face, but my back and chest and shoulders are awful. I played around with the idea of upgrading my Mia2 to a Plus in order to get the Body Brush feature, but decided to try other products and routines before dropping $$$.


Well, today I was getting a Brazilian and mentioned to my Esthetician that my body breakouts were out of control. She zapped my back/shoulders/chest with the high frequency machine, and a few minutes and $220 later, I walked out with a Clarisonic Pro.


So, the Pro has 4 speeds, plus the Body Mode. And it comes with a 3 year warranty and the extender handle. And it's Fuschia. But I'm feeling guilty about dropping a couple hundred bucks today.


Can someone please assure me I needed this?! LOL

Re: I finally upgraded my Clarisonic...

It's totally ok!!!! I love mine. I love the warranty too! My plus is currently broken and I'm waiting for my replacement from Clarisonic. Last week, I bought the Mia 2 to hold me over. Smiley Happy the thing is addictive and amazing. Good luck with your skin; the Clarisonic should help. 

Re: I finally upgraded my Clarisonic...

Don't feel bad, it's such a great investment!

Re: I finally upgraded my Clarisonic...

I have the Plus, and love the body brush.  My skin always feels silky smooth afterwards, you will love it!!!!


Re: I finally upgraded my Clarisonic...

I think I'm really gonna like the body brush, and hope it will eliminate my breakouts!

Re: I finally upgraded my Clarisonic...

Do not feel guilty. If this works to help you-how can it be wrong?! Smiley Happy

When you start seeing the results, you will forget any guilt you may be feeling now.


By the way, it sounds like a nice package at a very decent price.

Re: I finally upgraded my Clarisonic...

Thank you! I think it was a pretty decent price for what I got (I just hate spending large amounts at once). And now that I think of it, she said she would throw in an extra brush head for me. Gotta remember to swing by and remind her this week...

Re: I finally upgraded my Clarisonic...

sounds like you more than needed it!! plus think of it as money saving!!! you can do it at home instead of going to the salon to get it done!

Re: I finally upgraded my Clarisonic...

I figured I better get these body breakouts under control before tank top weather!!

Re: I finally upgraded my Clarisonic...

that sounds like enough justification for me!

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