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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

I don't know what works!

I have only mild acne, at least it could be worse, but it's constant and it's enough for me to be too embarrassed to not wear makeup everyday. I do almay foundation, with everyday minerals powder to finish and 'mattify' it. I get 5-10 small bumps on my forehead, and once in a while, a white head around my nose. My cheeks and jaw barely ever get acne. Sometimes the bumps are pinkish, sometimes their skin colored. My t-zone does get oily throughout the day, but that's it.

I've tried Neutrogena daily cleanser, and neutrogena's SkinID which did not really help. I now use Cetaphil for oily skin, once at night. When I use toothpaste or asprin on problem zits, it doesn't really work, so it makes me think my skin isn't reactive to salicylic acid. One time, a benzoyl peroxide made my face red and hot, so I'm scared to use that again.

I heard of using glycolic acid for acne, and even retinol. I have considered doing a Clinique regimin, I'm just not sure what would work. What kind of products would be best!? I am stumped, and I really don't want to keep trying expensive products to find out they don't even work! 

Help! Thank you!!

Re: I don't know what works!

Hi Lulufortoday,

I suggest trying one of our acne kits.  They're a great way to try an entire line to see if it works for you before investing a lot in full size products.  I recommend:


Peter Thomas Roth Blemish Buster Kit


PTR Blemish Buster Kit.jpg


Philosophy Clear Days Ahead™ 30-Day Acne Trial Kit


Philosophy Clear Days Ahead™ 30-Day Acne Trial Kit.jpg

Smiley Happy -Laura

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