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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Hyperpigmentation, acne scars, dark spots and more UGH

Okay sorry for rant but for the past month my skin has been acting up. I'm 23 and have combo skin that’s usually pretty clear with the exception of some hyperpigmentation and occasional pimples on my chin and cheeks. The past month though my skin has been very dry,blotchy/uneven, my pores are bigger than ever and my breakouts have beenmore frequent.. it’s very frustrating because it’s not clearing up! Here is my skin routine. If anyone could offer tips or recommend productsthat would be awesome! I’m not sure if I’m doing too much or not enough. Thanks in advance Am -rinse with water -micellar water with cotton ball -tatcha essence -ole henriksen truth serum -ole henriksen sheer transformation moisturizer or truth advanced moisturizer -sunscreen Pm -makeup wipe -micellar water -tatcha one step camellia cleanser or ole henriksen face the truth gel cleanser( I use my Clarisonic 2-3x/week) -first aid beauty facial radiance pad or pixi glow tonic -tatcha essence -tatcha deep hydration firming serum -tatcha eye cream or ole henriksen eye gel -tatcha dewy skin night concentrate I have the ole henriksen almond facial polish and pore balance facial sauna scrub that I switch between and use 2x week total. I also have a mud mask that I do 1x week and a few Peter Roth Thomas masks that I’ll do 1-3x week. I use clean and clear as a spot treatment when needed.

Re: Hyperpigmentation, acne scars, dark spots and more UGH

It's the worst when you get sudden breakouts and the cause is unknown. Did you introduce any new products recently? If so, I would try cutting those out and see if your condition improves. Also, I noticed that there are several physical exfoliation products being used: The Clarisonic, First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads, facial scrub and facial polish. I know that the Clarisonic is supposed to be gentle, but I wouldn't use it on a night that a scrub is used. Personally, I have fewer breakouts after removing Clarisonic from my skincare routine.Also it seems that there is a lot of skin tugging involved with your skincare routine including the makeup wipe. Maybe you should avoid using too many products that require tugging at your skin, use an oil cleanser, and switch to a chemical exfoliator. Good luck!

Re: Hyperpigmentation, acne scars, dark spots and more UGH

Thank you!

Anonymous Insider

RE: Hyperpigmentation, acne scars, dark spots and more UGH


Re: Hyperpigmentation, acne scars, dark spots and more UGH

Hi @ggxx1, looking at your routine I can see you are using a lot of products. My advice to you is start with the basics and products you know don't irritate your skin. Slowly one at a time add in one of your other products and see how your skin reacts to it. This way you can figure out which product or products are causing you irritation and the breakouts. Vitamin C can irritate some peoples skin, so that may be your culprit. Also some products just don't play nice together. It could even be some of the masks you are using. But it for sure sounds like something is irritating your skin and  drying your skin out causing it to produce more oil and then your skin is acne prone so you break out. I would cleanse, tone and moisturizer and slowly start adding some of the other products back in your routine to see how your skin reacts. Also I'm not a huge fan of miceller water or makeup wipes. Just a thought to switch to a gentle cleanser that will get your skin clean and not strip your skin. One I love is the Korres Greek Youghurt Cleanser. Hope this helps you and good luck! I have sensitive skin and this is what I had to do till I figured out what irritated my skin and made me break out. Turns out for me I am super sensitive to Citrus oils and Vitamin C. So I stay clear! 🙂

Re: Hyperpigmentation, acne scars, dark spots and more UGH

Thank you!

Re: Hyperpigmentation, acne scars, dark spots and more UGH

The True Blue set from Herbivore did wonders for my active acne. For scarring, I love Drunk Elephant TLC Serum. 

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