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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

How to rid of acne swelling?

I both scratched at a bump/pimple, at night, that felt like it was either an ingrown eyebrow folical or pimple near the inner corner of my eye or side of the bridge of my nose.  Then I tried to pop it after noticing that it looked infected (had Neosporin on it).  I'm not patient when it comes to my skin.  I woke up this morning and maybe the infection or something spread to swell the area underneath my eye.  Now it's (swelling) annoying because it's in my line of sight.  I want to know what to do to reduce the inflamation a.s.a.p. 


Does anyone have a fast treatment to reduce swelling and the puffiness under my eye?  I want to clear up the aear near my eye and under it.  Is there anything I should not apply underneath my eye?  Anything that I might think would help but would actually do the opposite?  I was told that a warm compress would be helpful.  Anything other than that?

Re: How to rid of acne swelling?

I would try icing it first or using the back of a spoon. Then, go to a doctor because the infection has spread. However, be careful because your doctor could easily prescribe you something found at drugstores, so check the ingredients. I hope this helps and good luck!

Re: How to rid of acne swelling?

If it's infected you need to go to the doctor don't ever put anything around your eye that can cause compromise your sight.

Re: How to rid of acne swelling?

I found out by chance that arnica gel really takes the swelling out of zits, it's made for bruises and muscle strain, be careful around your eyes, it does contain alcohol.  You can get it in the muscle rub section.  Even if it's not great right now it will help with your skin impatience.

Re: How to rid of acne swelling?

The skin around the eyes is specially sensitive as it is thinner there and not as resilient, hence the need to always use delicate and minimum pressure when applying products like eye creams/treatments, and even concealer/make up.


Whether you like it or not, patience is going to be key. You're going to make things worse before they can get better by trying to rush the natural healing process that needs to take place. Neosporin readily states to not use it around the eye area.


Keep your skin/eye area clear of any make up until everything is healed over. To help with swelling, apply a warm compress to the eye by either running a wash cloth under warm water and wringing it out so it's not damp and letting it rest on the inflammed area for 5 to 10 minutes. This can be done multiple times a day, be sure the water/temperature is not hot to the touch, it should feel comfortable on skin, not burning. Wash your hands with soap and water thouroughly before touching anywhere near the area.


Fresh, sliced cucumbers can also help soothe and alievate swelling/puffiness around the eyes, as does warm tea bags of either green or black tea as the caffeine helps to promote drainage or water retention to take down swelling. If you feel any pressure or pain caused by the irritation, take ibeprofen.


If you notice this irritation/swelling getting any worse over the course of a week, you might want to check in with your doctor to see that there's no bacterial infection.

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