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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

How long should you steam your face?

I just started doing at-home steaming after I heard a lot of great things about it-- put my face over a hot pot of water with a towel over my head. That is as far as I know. 


SO, how long do I have to do this for to have an effect? At least 5 mins? 10 mins? No more than 15? No less than 5?


Are there also any specific things I should/must do so that I actually get a result?


My skin is acne prone and I am south asian with fair skin tone. 

Re: How long should you steam your face?

I steam my face for about 5 minutes and then apply my mask of choice. Depending on what my skin is doing that week, I'll use a mask that it needs. (I hydrating one when dry, an exfoliating one when flaky, one for breakouts when I'm hormonal...) 

Re: How long should you steam your face?

I would say probably around 5-10minutes depending on how hot the water is. I wouldn't use water that has just been brought to a boil because steam is actually hotter than boiling water (since it has more energy so the water molecules can escape). I'd suggest letting it sit for half a minute and then putting your face over the pot, and even then I wouldn't get too close to the surface of the water. 


Usually when I get facials and the esthetician uses an actual steamer, she does it for about six or seven minutes. 


I'm not sure what you mean exactly what you say "get a result" because the point of steaming your face is to help soften up the skin and open your pores. This is usually done before extracting breakouts, but I really really do NOT suggest you try extractions on yourself. If done wrong, your skin can scar and you could really damage it. 


Once your pores have opened up though, they are able to absorb product more easily, so you could either use a mask to clear up impurities or use products and it can better absorb. You could also massage your face gently while you're applying products or with a serum to relax your facial muscles and prevent signs of aging. 


But more than anything, just relax and enjoy the process! It's calming and relaxing. (:

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