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How do I take out black heads ?

I have black heads pop up when I am stressed out and I have no good way of getting them out without making a scar help!! =[

What I always do is steam your face as long as you can st...

What I always do is steam your face as long as you can stand over a pot of boiling water-- be really careful! Steam gets hotter than the water itself so its easy to burn yourself. Don't do it after boiling too long.


If you have really prominent blackheads steam and then use a pore strip-- you can pick them up at the drug store. They're like a bandage for your skin that you wet and leave on for 15 minutes and pull off, taking blackheads with it. 


hope that helps! 

ya, ya, ya everyone says not to pick but i do and it is b...

ya, ya, ya everyone says not to pick but i do and it is bad but you need to know how to do it right. i went to school for esthiology and they taught us the proper way of extracting. invest in a magnifying mirror but try to only look at it once a week. if you look at it every day you will only make your skin worse because all you'll want to do is pick! which will lead to marks and scars. so after cleansing steam your face to open up your pores or, if you don't have a steamer, do it right out of the shower. then wrap each index finger in tissue or gauze and gently press around the blackhead or blemish DO NOT SQUEEZE. if nothing happens move one finger at the top of the blackhead and the other at the bottom and gently press again. if nothing happens go back to either side of the blackhead and gently press again. continue these square shaped movements. if nothing happens after a FEW minutes (not several) your skin is telling you to stop and that it is not ready for the blackhead to emerge. apply an ice cube to the area if skin is inflamed from squeezing. then apply a toner and a good salicylic acid moisturizer. i love to do aspirin and honey masks once a week for blackheads and blemishes. once the paste is dry, i gently scrub it off to also exfoliate. hope these steps help and remember NOT TO FORCE IT! listen to your skin! if it is not coming out LEAVE IT ALONE! (then get that sucker on another day Smiley Wink

yes! no picking or squeezing or touching! it just starts...

yes! no picking or squeezing or touching! it just starts a cycle! try scrubs and masks rather than strips and what not~ I use the Body Shop's Seaweed Pore Cleansing Exfoliating Scrub on the areas that need it the most - i use circular (clockwise AND anticlockwise) motions to thoroughly clean it and then rinse with warm water and lastly with cold water. you want to use a good toner too take out any excess nastiness and to close your pores and finish your routine off with a good moisturizer~ you should also try Queen Helene's mint julep masque! same as the scrub, apply it on areas where you need it, let it dry and rinse it off! 🙂 look online for some at-home remedies/masks to do once a week (or whatevers good for you) - like i do the yogurt/honey pack mixed with crushed aspirin (or aspirin powder) for my scrub and that works for acne and blemishes too (if you have any)~ good luck 🙂

It is never a good idea to pick at blackheads, you just e...

It is never a good idea to pick at blackheads, you just end up with a lot of irritation and a mess if not a nasty scar. I bought a Clarisonic skincare brush and it did more to remove blackheads from my face than any other product or treatment. You can get the Mia for less than the Pro or Plus version and it works great to lessen blackheads, helps to clear acne, and gives you a glowy look!  Though it is a bit expensive it is the best investment I have ever made in my skin, I have had mine for close to 3 years and have never regretted it!

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