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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

How can I get rid of a lot of clogged pores? HELPPP

I use a face mask about once or twice a week, I exfoliate often and I moisturize my face after every shower (I shower every night). I always take off my make up before bed. I also steam my face every now and then. I feel like I've tried everything, I'm 17 so maybe it's still just my age.

I get very few zits but I always seem to have those little tiny bumps ALL over my cheeks and forehead. They can't really be popped because they're so many but I could squeeze them out if I wanted to (but I don't want to because that always makes them worse and it's damaging to my face).

Helppppp!!! Should I try a certain product? Should I try a home remedy? What do I doooo? They can't be covered with make up because they are skin colored small bumps.

Re: How can I get rid of a lot of clogged pores? HELPPP

I highly recommend the Clarisonic too! It's like a form of exfoliation but performs so much differently than manual scrubs/exfoliants.  You can use it with pretty much any cleanser (except for anything that might be abrasive) and really helps take the day off/remove grime.


I've also noticed too that a big part of my problem with those bumps (which I have too) is the type of moisturizer I'm using/over moisturizing.  I know this doesn't apply to everyone, but maybe try looking for a lighter moisturizer or try moisturizing less and see if that helps?


Lastly, a product I want to recommend is super expensive but so worth it.  A few months ago I invested in the Glam Glow Super Mud Clearing Treatment and it has been an excellent buy.  I saw an improvement in my appearance after one application, and I've now even gotten my mom hooked on it too!  It makes your skin look so bright and feel soft, and helps to kind of "un-clog" your skin.  Maybe stop by sephora and see if you can get a sample before you break the bank for it?  But I can't recommend this enough because it has done wonders for my skin!


Hope this helps and best of luck!

Re: How can I get rid of a lot of clogged pores? HELPPP

I have tried absolutely everything and the only thing that has worked is the Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion pads. They have a gentle version as well. This practically started working for me overnight. The trick to control acne is benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid. These pads have salicylic and glycolic acid and I use a neutrogena benzoyl peroxide wash called Clear Pore. My acne marks and scars have almost banished within less than a week. 


just keep in mind everyone's skin is different and I have tried so many products that it has been trial and error for me. 



as for makeup I use everything minerals, you want to use makeup that is big enoug not go into your pores. I also use combination skin bare minerals moisturizer and combination skin bare minerals SPF! 



something also very handy to invest in is a clairsonic! 

Re: How can I get rid of a lot of clogged pores? HELPPP

Scrubs are the best way for me anyway. I love ExfoliKate. I have used the regular and I have sensitive skin and it did not irritate me so I didnt bother with the senisitve skin one. Its very pricy so if that is not your price range two other great options are Avene Eau Thermale gentle scrub and Michael Todd Organics Tropical Fruit Enzyme scrub I have both of those as well and love them. All three scrubs are available in small trial sizes too. The other thing you can do is be very careful about your face coming into contact with other products that arent skincare such as shampoo. Wash your face last in the shower so that you can remove any shampoo residue. Also try tying back your hair at night with a gentle hair band like the EmiJay bands or hair pins so that it doesnt rest against your face and spread oils from your hair to your skin. Also be very diligent about washing your makeup brushes and changing your pillow cases as well.

Re: How can I get rid of a lot of clogged pores? HELPPP

A dermatologist will be the best place for answers....but first off, how often do you exfoliate? If you're doing it every day than try doing it less - exfoliating can sometimes make your skin worse if you do it too often. I know I have lately been having problems with acne (blackheads, whiteheads, those annoying ones under the skin...) and I find my skin to be at it's best when I use Noxema every day to clean it. You might also look into a moisturizer that helps get rid of acne and make up that helps as well (something like Clinique's "Pore Refining Solutions" or   "Acne Solutions").

A couple home remedies I've tried are:

1. 1tbsp citrus juice + 1tbsp baking soda --leave on for 20 min than scrub off in the shower.

2. use 1/2 a lemon and 3-4 drops of honey on top; rub it on the acne prone places of your face and then leave on for 5min, wash it off with cold water.


Good luck!

Re: How can I get rid of a lot of clogged pores? HELPPP

If you can afford one I recommend the Clarasonic. It was the only thing that worked on my clogged poors. I had to upgrade to a normal brush head (sensitive comes with brush) . I called my clogged poors plaque bc they were so hard to extract and were constantly clogged! I just used the Clinique 3 step system with the brush and poors are clear!

Re: How can I get rid of a lot of clogged pores? HELPPP

I disagree with one of the replies about u possibly having milia.. i have the same thing and they are exactly what u say they are "clogged pores" they are sooo annoying! I have them on my cheeks and forehead too. I've been using Lerosett* google it if your interested. Its recommended by MANY dermatologist's. I've been using it for a couple weeks now and have seen much improvement in my skin already. Nice thing is they guarantee their product which they offer for free! plus a free gift. just pay a 2.95 shipping charge(which is not bad at all) hope this helps.


u get to try it for 21 days, and can extend it to 41 days if requested by you.

Re: How can I get rid of a lot of clogged pores? HELPPP

Milia or no milia, which I said in my post it "may be" milia, the best thing for the OP to do is to check out her local dermatologist. That way, she can even ask about the product that you have recommend to see if it's somthing that can work with her skin or not.  Smiley Happy

Re: How can I get rid of a lot of clogged pores? HELPPP

try using a different makeup that is non-comedogenic and oil free for ex: Clinique's even better foundation. 

Re: How can I get rid of a lot of clogged pores? HELPPP

I totally agree with lylysa: find a reputable dermatologist in your area (check for reviews online). I went to one, and it turns out I was doing too much to my skin, with the wrong products! A derm is actually the most efficient, cost-effective way to go.

Re: How can I get rid of a lot of clogged pores? HELPPP

You may want to check out your local dermatologist or skin care therapist. If the clogged areas you're seeing are flesh/skin toned bumps as opposed to looking like black heads, which are a result of oil/bacteria oxidizing in pores, it may be a mild case of milia you have.


Milia is often referred to as "baby acne" and is caused by excessive keratin or skin cell production that gets caught under the surface of the skin. Though milia can clear up on its own by the natural exfoliating process of skin coming to the surface and shedding, it can also be treated by a doctor or esthetician.


Honestly, I would see a expert first on this and from there see about what can be altered in your skin care regiment to help this clear up.

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