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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Hormonal Jawline Acne


Hey everyone! I have recently gotten off of the birth control pill at 22 years old. I went on it for a year and all my teenage acne had been long gone and completely cleared up. I have been off the pill for 6 months now and over the last 4 weeks my jawline has become completely covered in a stubborn line of acne that will not go away. I have a skincare routine that I use for morning and night but nothing seems to be helping. 😞 Hoping for some feedback and stories from anyone going through the same thing! Please share any product recommendations, tips, tricks and advice for me! Thanks 🙂

Re: Hormonal Jawline Acne

When I started taking an SSRI, it messed with my skin so bad and I got similar jawline acne from hormonal issues. I went to the derm and she gave me a sample of a perscription medication cause winlevi that is designed for hormonal acne and is a cream you put directly on your skin. It seemed to work really well. You could definitely try that route.


I eventually stopped the medication and it's allowed my skin to clear up but some jawline acne remains (probably because I just turned 30 and my hormones are starting to shift around. Thanks aging). But I didn't want to pay the prescription price for winlevi, so my derm prescribed tretinoin which I get free.


The tretinoin has really really helped the remaining acne. I still get some, but it's really helped just even everything out and the breakouts are nearly as bad or deep. You maybe could try that route as well, but it might not work as quickly or as well as winlevi. I also starting using La Roche Posay Effaclar acne wash religiously and used pimple patches to help draw out bad acne and reduce the swelling of deep pimples. They work really well IMO.


I would think once your off the pill for even longer, your hormones might settle down and find a new equilibrium :). I hope this helps!

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