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I am 17 years old and I need help with my acne. I am kind of oily, on my forehead really. My face is some what sensitive but not too much. I have mild acne (or I at least think) on my forehead & cheeks.

I've tried st. Ivies cleanser and scrub and it seem to work at first but it started to dry my skin so I stop. I've been using a cleanser  but I haven't seen a change. 


I really like the make up I use now so I really don't want to change it unless have to.


But I REALLY REALLY WANT AND NEED something that will help my acne I have now and help me not get to many break out in the future but at the same time that it will NOT irritate nor dry my skin.


Can anyone please list product(s) that can help me 


Please help me!! 

While I do agree on the 3-step routine, what really turne...

While I do agree on the 3-step routine, what really turned my skin around was the Dermadoctor Ain't Misbehavin' Cleanser. It balanced my skin and it was cheaper than the other cleansers I was buying. It also lasted for at least 6 months. For reference, I use Origins Zero Oil toner (not drying despite the name) and Murad's Skin Perfecting Lotion. I hope this helps and good luck!

Hi GarciaT, I would recommend either the Clinique 3-step...

Hi GarciaT,

I would recommend either the Clinique 3-step system that the previous poster mentioned or trying a kit by Dermalogica. I have used Clinique and it was great until my skin got used to it and I had to switch to another brand. Now I'm using Dermalogica MediBac line which Sephora doesn't carry but they do have the Dermalogica Clean Start kits which are recommended for teens... Perhaps start there? 

I hope you find what works for your skin. Don't get too frustrated as it can take some trial and error to figure it out.

Hi GarciaT,   First let's just say throw out your scrub.N...

Hi GarciaT,


First let's just say throw out your scrub.Now in order to start a routine that can help I would say to start with kits like

 1. Murad Acne Kit

2. Kate Somerville has acne products has well

3. Clinque also has three step skin care which may be the best for you.

Since you are 17 and you acne is not all over your face and you are mostly oily I suggest the Clinque three step skin care in #3 which is for oily skin. You will:

1. Cleanse

2. Tone


It's really simple you just have to stick to it and wash your face morning and night. You should also use oil blotting papers thru the day instead of putting on more powder which can make you skin oilier. You can get clean and clear oil blotting papers from just about any drug store for like 4 bucks. Hope this helps and good luck! Smiley Happy

(You can use a scrub later on but right now scrubbing your skin is only going to make it worse.)

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