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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Help on finding skin care

I am looking to find a good skin care line and be consistent with a regimen.  I am 27 years old and I still get acne quite often.  I also have redness on my cheeks and my skin seems to be the combination type.  (Oily around the nose and skin...Normal everywhere else).  I have tried a few different products lately and none of them have helped.  In fact some of them have made my breakouts and redness much worse.  Any recommendations on a good skin care line?

Re: Help on finding skin care

What my dermatolagist said is the proactiv, philosophy, and other exfoliating cleansers agitate the skin. Making your skin easier to get bacteria in it because it is taking off some of your important skin. He said that the big three step systems have really good advertisement and work for a little bit but after awhile, they make you break out more. He said to use cetaphil. This has cleared my acne proned skin into clean and clear skin so I highly recommend it. Plus it is easy to find.  The last time I bought it, it was 9$ at walmart. So it is easy to find, most dermatolgists highly remmond it over proactive, and it's easy to find and you can get it anywhere.

Re: Help on finding skin care

Boscia's Clear Complexion Cleanser with Botanical Blast has done wonders on my skin! worth a looksy!

Re: Help on finding skin care

Isomers Skincare. Not here on Sephora though.  Please google this name if you are interested.  The company deals alot with sensitive skin BP used in the acne products at all. Keeps the skins acid mantle at the right ph levels.  Hope this was helpful. :0)

Re: Help on finding skin care

REN ClearCalm 3 has been an amazing find for me. I've had redness ever since I was a teen and I had pretty much given up finding a product that worked for me after years of trying different things and going to at least 3 dermatologists and nothing ever seemed to work. Finally I got a sample of 3 of RENs products and I'm hooked. I use their Clarifying Clay Cleanser along with their Anti-Blemish Day Fluid in the morning and then at night I wash with another face wash and use their Replenishing Night Serum at night before bed. This has greatly reduced my redness, helped to fight against my oily skin and has cleared it up immensely! It's really great for people with sensitive skin and wont dry you out as well.

Re: Help on finding skin care

hmm, well I can tell you how my skin reacted. I get acne occasionally, Asian combo skin living in Northern US.


Clinique is great basic skincare. Philosophy is a bit chemical-y and might irritate/burn (do not ever use Hope in a Jar on windchapped cheeks). Murad acne line is great at drying pimples but might be too drying. Boscia is a bit too mild and light. Origin feels nice or slightly greasy depending on my skin condition. Korres Wild Rose is a bit thick and doesn't absorb into my skin well. Ole Henriksen is natural and feels nice and absorbs well but have more dimethicone than other brands, a derivative of silicone, if you are allergic to it (it's not as bad as all the hype. The silicone forms a protective layer on the skin, which I think is good in the winter, but might block pores in the winter).


That's my experience with those brands. Most of those have kits on Sephora so you can try the whole regimen at the same time and figure out what works what doesn't. If you live in a region with distinct seasons, you might also want to have a heavier regimen for winter and a lighter one for summer. And if you don't like something, you can always return it. Sometimes overcleanse can cause more damage, so experiment with water in the morning and regimen at night, or regimen in morning and night etc.

Re: Help on finding skin care

I have skin like you - I'm 28 with sensitive, combination/oily skin that is also acne prone. I've found three cleansers that work really well - Kate Somerville Detox Daily cleanser (does a great job clearing skin), Boscia Purifying cleanser (all-natural, works well, doesn't take off eye makeup that well, though), and philosophy Purity Made Simple (really gentle, but doesn't do anything "extra" so it's good to use when your skin is behaving lol). Be sure to use am/pm.


I've also found  an amazing moisturizer that I've been using for a few weeks now (also by philosophy) Take a Deep Breath. Feels so great and doesn't irritate my skin or make it oily. It also does a great job of moisturizing the dryer parts of my face. 


Hope this helps you to find the right products for your skin! I know how frustrating it can be!

Re: Help on finding skin care

Philosophy has a miracle worker line, and it doesn't make my acne prone skin break out any more than normal. I also like Cliniques line of repair wear.
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