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Have the Clinique Acne Solutions kit?

Have you tried the new Clinique Acne Solutions kit? Do you love it? Tell your experience with the kit or ask questions here.



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Re: Have the Clinique Acne Solutions kit?

OMG, i really recommend this, i used to have a lot of acne, but in a massive way, a friend of mine recommended this product to me, i started using it, the third day of use... i noticed that my face was clean of everything, it was amazing!, this product totally words it!

Re: Have the Clinique Acne Solutions kit?

Love this kit! Even though I only bought it yesterday. I originally came to buy another anti acne kit, but it wasn't available, so I went with this one. I already use clinique 3 step regimen for combo/oily skin which worked fine for me. I don't know what caused the appearance of those tiny bumps on my forehead and some blemishes around my chin area, but after almost a month I decided that I need a special anti acne regime ( even though at the store I was told I don't have an acne)... I saw the results in the morning already! I really liked the softness of the foam which I used with my clarisonic brush. The toner stung a little and I was afraid to find my face in flakes in the morning...nothing like that! After the moisturizer from this kit I actually used my dramatically different moisturizing gel from my usual regime and my skin looked so different in the morning. All in all, I think there is no need to wait for the first results more than 2-3 days. If you don't see them, then it is probably not your product and you'd better try something else. And there is so much to choose from!!! I think I spent around 30-40 minutes comparing products, reading the reviews on my phone , studying the ingredients, and questioning the assistants...very happy about my final choice . I love you, Sephora and special thanks to your wonderful assistants !

Re: Have the Clinique Acne Solutions kit?

I had purchased the acne solutions kit.  I use mine in the morning.  I don't use the foam cleanser anymore.  I prefer Philosophy's cleanser.  I do love the toner and moisturizing treatment.  During my teens and early 20's, I was using clearasil.  It worked so well for me, but it was 10% benzoyl peroxide.  As I moved into my mid 20's, it started to dry out my skin a lot and my skin peeled and got red.  I stopped using it even though it was keeping my skin clear because it was so drying even with every other day use.  After I stopped using it, I tried various other products, but nothing worked very well.....Then I saw the clinique acne solutions kit at sephora and picked it up!  The moisturizing treatment has benzoyl peroxide in it, but it is a lower strength and is formulated in a moisturizer so my skin has not dried out at all.  Between using the acne solutions, the philosophy cleaner, and the clarisonic mia, my skin is clearer than ever!

Re: Have the Clinique Acne Solutions kit?

I LOVE this kit!  I am 27 with combo/oily skin and prone to redness.  I have had mild acne since my teens and never could find anything to keep it at bay.  Mostly I had blackheads and large pores.  Every acne thing I tried either dried me out/made me red or didn't do anything.   My friend loves this set so I decided what could it hurt.  I ONLY use it at night as my acne isn't that bad, and a different morning regiman.  The face wash is great, my skin feels clean but not dry at all.  Toner feels nice as long as I don't go over any area of my face more than once.  The moisturizer is the best I think, a little goes a long way and I keep it mostly in my T-zone(oily area).  It can sometimes tingle for a minute once I put it on but it soaks right in and in the morning my face looks flawless!  It even takes care of my redness.  For summer I haven't had any issues of it drying me out, if it looks like it might I can use a heavier moisturizer in the morning or add a serum at night.  My husband started using it at night as well after seeing the difference in my skin.  I love this kit and recommend to try it.  

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