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Post in Acne-Prone Skin


I am trying to find the right skin products for my face and im 20 years old. i do get some acne but its also is very dry, tight, and shiny. Right now im using dermalogica clearing skin wash, dermalogica microfolient, active moist, and oil free laura muarca (dont know how to spell her last name). after i do all that through out the day my face starts to feel oil, tight, and dirty. what should i doooo? I NEED help! also my face looks a little dull as well... What i want is to feel fresh, moisturized, radiant, but also less acne..


Hi Mongomary,


I'm not too familiar with those products, although I too have acne and I have tried multiple products over the years.  My suggestions, based on my personal experiences (although not sure if it would work for everyone) is to first drink lots of water.  I found that when I drank more water than I usually do, I had less acne and my skin was less dry.  The shine, may also be because of this as your skin is most likely trying to produce more oils to keep the skin from drying out.  Also, I know this goes off-topic (or not offered at sephora) but for my daily facial cleansers, I currently use Aveeno products, as I found this to be less harsh on my skin (and it works!).  After cleansing, I usually apply an oil-free moisturizer in the mornings, although I tend to skip applying at night as I feel my skin can breathe more without it.  Finally, I suggest to carry around blotting papers with you to help reduce the shine during the day (some are on sale at sephora).


Hope this helps and good luck!


Best regards,

Juicyylicious Smiley Happy


Hi mongomary,


The way you are describing your skin it sounds like you might be a little dehyrated, adding more water to your day will help with your skin also, I would suggest a routine kit like Kate Somerville bemish banish set or Philosophy's the care package. Both of these say that they help produce radiant skin and help with acne and since your so young I don't think they would be to harsh for your skin. Hope this helps! Smiley Happy


I also agree on being dehydrated. Whenever you have an imbalance, like a dry versus shiny skin problem, it's always better to get more water in your system. As for products, I would still stick with oil-free products. While I have heard of Dermalogica, I have never heard of Laura Muarca. And although my skin feels dry, yet shiny in areas if I don't use any product, my skin hasn't felt tight in a long time, and that's because I was using the wrong products that completely dried out my skin. Right now, I use Dermadoctor's Ain't Misbehavin' AHA/BHA cleanser, which is really good for combination skin, but I also use Origins's toner and spot treatment. For moisturizer, I use Murad's Skin Perfecting Lotion. While my skin isn't perfect, it's so much better than before. I'm sure not every product I use could work for you, but it's worth at least checking the brand and getting a few samples. I hope this helps and good luck!


I was trained in dermalogica products so I am familiar with what you're using. It sound like your skin is dehydrated (even though your skin FEELS oily if it is also feeling tight it may be dehydrated) Try one of their spray toners and add the Hydrating serum! Maybe try not using the Microfoliant daily.  The Dermalogica Special Cleansing gel is great for oily and acne prone skin types and may be more gentle than the Clearing Wash. You could try alternating days between each cleanser until you find a balance that works for you.


Keep in mind dehydrated skin is lacking water, not oil. So even oily skin can become dehydrated and feel "tight" or "dry". So keep your skin hydrated by avoiding products that are overly stripping and add products like hylauronic acid that help to keep skin hydrated.


Hi mongomary,


You must try ARTISTRY, they have amazing products with very satisfying customer reviews. I am also a skin care consultant, so share me more information on your skin type so that can suggest you something.


best regards



try cerave. no harsh ingredients.. very simple and perfect for keeping your skin clear and balanced Smiley Happy


I am the same way (25 now) but have been battling acne & oil and dryness since puberty.  

I use Peter Thomas Roth Anti-aging Buffing beads for face & body to wash my face in AM & PM. I talked to the PTR rep and she said there are acne fiting ingredients (sycilic acid) and anti-aging ingredients in this product! Hello miracle product! I too felt like I needed an exofilant and this takes care of that & is safe to use daily, and anti-aging is just a plus!

Next, I moisturize with Cerave (drugstore moisturizer).  My dermatologist recommended it because it is the ONLY moisturizer that will NOT clog your pores so it is perfect for acne prone skin.  It hydrates really well and doesn't leave my skin feeling overly moist/oily. I actually really love it and it's cheap! ($7-9)

Also, I really just blot my face with oil absorbing sheets during the evening to get rid of oil.  I don't think it is very noticable.  I just tell myself, oily for ten years, less wrinkly for the rest of my life! Just have to accept it a little bit!

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