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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Extreme sensitive, acne prone skin. Help!

I suffer from extreme sensitivity in my skin, I have keratosis pilaris which mainly affects my arms and legs(redness and little bumps) but causes redness in my cheeks, and I have really dry skin, mainly in patches on my cheeks, the end of my nose, chin area and forehead. I also have blackheads all over my nose, and on my chin/around my mouth. occasionally i get pimples but those aren't as frequent as all of these other issues.


Can someone please suggest a non irritating and possibly natural(not neccessary though) cleanser, moisurizer(thats not too thick, big concern for the dryness but wont cause acne), blackhead removal.. SOMETHING TO HELP ME 😞

Re: Extreme sensitive, acne prone skin. Help!

Glytone Retexturize Keratosis Pilaris Kit (KP Kit) (Body) This kit is for the face and body and I think it will greatly benefit you. Sephora doesn't sell it but you can research it at   Hope this helps!

Re: Extreme sensitive, acne prone skin. Help!


My skin use to be soo dry that I would peel even on top of a moisturizer and get what looked like white whiskers around my mouth 


I love the avocado oil! 

cold pressed, 100% natural (even better if its organic) avocado oil instead of night cream is awesome 

its the deepest penetrating essential oil there is !:) 

(what my friend who also has a really dry skin told me) 


during the day, just use a water based moisturizer which will let the skin breath 🙂 I sometimes use the Clarins blue gel type moisturizer (sorry i don't know the exact name) or Biotherm aqua source 

my mom also recently ordered me Dr.Ron's MSM moisture cream which is organic and all natural, therefore gentle on my skin 


as for cleanser, just use a very gentle, all natural cleanser like from Origins, Fresh, Ole henkinsen, etc 

and exoliate at least once a week, but not more than 2 times a week 🙂 (I honestly love the Origins exfoliator) 


hope this helps 🙂

Re: Extreme sensitive, acne prone skin. Help!

ooh and instead of using chemicals when you have breakouts, use 100% natural tea tree oil 🙂

Re: Extreme sensitive, acne prone skin. Help!

As far as the KP on you arms and legs- have you ever tried the KP Duty line by Dermadoctor? It's amazing! I use the body scrub and lotion and it completely clears my skin up. Have you ever been to a Dermatologist to address the other issues? To me, it sounds like you may have Rosacea, which can often come with side effects such as blemishes, oiliness, sensitivity, dryness- pretty much everything you mentioned. Only a professional can give you a true diagnoses, but I definitely recommend checking into it. If that ends up being the case, I would try Dermadoctors Calm, Cool, and Corrected moisturizer. Good luck!! 🙂

Re: Extreme sensitive, acne prone skin. Help!

Oh gosh, natural line for super sensitive skin, I would recommend Ren Hydra-calm. I've tried their day cream and it does not have the thickness/richness typical of the moisturizers for dry skin.


I haven't tried the calm/sensitive skin line so I don't know the texture, but I really liked pretty much everything else I've tried from Origins (Perfect World and Brighter by Nature, neither felt irritating when used right after a harsh peel on me), so their Mega-Mushroom line is worth looking into:

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