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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Exfoliate on Retin-A?

So, after 15 years of fighting acne and throwing everything but the kitchen sink at it, I finally just asked the doctor for Retin-A.  He said to be gentle with my skin cleaning routine, but I'm concerned about giving up my exfoliation routine, which is what seems to help the most right now.  I've also never actually been on a gentle skin cleaning routine.  Before, I was on the Murad acne set, with the antiaging cleaner switched in, and exfoliated twice a week with either the Freeman cucumber mask or the Bosica black mask.  Now, I'm just using samples of non-acne/age fighting cleansers that have build up in the last year (mainly Clinique) and my Lancome 30 SPF moisturizer, without any exfoliation at all.  It's only been a few days, so I haven't really had time to look into what I want to use yet.


Has anyone else used Retin-A, and if so, what was your skin care regiment?

Re: Exfoliate on Retin-A?

I've been on Retin-A it does help. I did notice that actually doing less to my skin severely shrunk the milla. If I use a scrub or something really harsh my skin will be riddled with them for days. I noticed that when I backed off that stuff they were barley noticeable if at all without a magnifying mirror. I feel like the exfoliating and the harsh chemicals actually make them protrude more. I do use a Clarisonic once or twice a week to cut down on blackheads and it seems to help some as well. However if you use it everyday it will make it horrible. Try actually cutting back on all the cleansers loaded with junk and stop the scrubbing and masks for a bit. If you do need to exfoliate and you don't have a Clarisonic use a soft wash cloth. Try the cucumber gentle milk cleanser. There is a $3 off coupon on the Yes To website if your interested. It was also reviewed as a "best" product on Paula's Choice. 


Re: Exfoliate on Retin-A?

I've used it in the past & am going back on it next week. I still need to exfoliate because it dries out the skin so much. 

I like to use AmorePacific Treatment Enzyme Peel & OH Blue/Black mask. Usually when on it, I try to cut out alcohol completely from all my skin care products, use a softening toner instead of one for acne, and I cut out all products with SA & BP. I'll still use glycolic in a cleanser, but keep a close eye on how my skin is handling it, sometimes I need to decrease. 

I'll use my clarisonic on occasion and a manual scrub 2x a week. 

Be careful with clinique, a lot of their products are full of alcohol & waxes that just sit on your skin. 

Re: Exfoliate on Retin-A?

May I ask why you're going off and on it?  Did your acne come back?  

Re: Exfoliate on Retin-A?

First time I went on it, it was for milia while getting vibra-peels (microderm & with a glycolic peel). I usually use PTR retinol fusion PM, but lately my skin's been all over the place and I want to go back on it. I haven't had a facial at my med spa in almost 3 years, which is where I get my Retin-A from. 

But I talked to the Dr & I'm going in next week, 95% sure I'll go back on Retin-A. 

Re: Exfoliate on Retin-A?

I'm doing the Obagi routine right now combined with Retin-A and I still use my Clarisonic twice a day with this routine. The Obagji products contain different acids to promote exfoliation and lightening of spots etc. 


I don't see why you would have to give up your routine. 


Do not miss a day of sunscreen while you're using Retin-A. As you probably know already it makes you super sun sensitive and susceptible to burning. 

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