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Evil Blackheads

Best way to get rid of blackheads?  I am almost 18 and I feel like an ugly duckling with all these clogged pores.  I wash my face and take care of my skin, but nothing is helping Smiley Sad

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Re: Evil Blackheads

I agree they are about as useless as mosquitos and about as hard to get rid of! 


I seem to have really deep blackheads, so deep I usually can't even extract them and they have been there forever. 


I did get myself (i.e. asked BF for christmas) a Clarisonic Mia and I did notice some improvment from the daily exfoliation but it seemed to mostly be preventing new blackheads but not removing the ones I had already. 


Recently I started using the Boscia warming gel cleaner along with my clarisonic and it seems to slowly be pulling those super deep blackheads out. I've been noticing them coming closer to the surface and have been able to safely extract some of them. 


 I love my clarisonic but they aren't cheap so i would get a inexpensive scrubby and this cleanser for sure! 


Re: Evil Blackheads



I completely understand where you are coming from. There are some key essentials that you can use to keep those pores clean. 


Here are some of my Recommendations:


Day: Dermadoctor Ain't Misbehavin Cleanser (Glycolic and Salicylic Acid) use on dry skin massage then add water to rinse. 


product image


Night: Boscia Makeup Breakup Oil: Use on dry skin, massage off makeup and then use Clarisonic Mia for 1 minute. 



As a treatment 1 or 2 times a week you can use:


Boscia: Luminizing Black Mask and Pore purifying Black Strips. 


Hope this helps, 



Sephora PRO

Re: Evil Blackheads

I recently splurge for the Clarisonic and it was worth every penny. Definitely helping with blackheads and complexions issues. I have some scaring and I use product to lighten it, and the Clarisonic helps it, I waited to buy it bc of the money but I can't believe I did. My face is clearer than its ever been.

Re: Evil Blackheads

I recently bought the $5 rubber face scrubber at Sephora and even though I wash for 60 seconds and use a face cloth to help rinse, this little gently srubby makes a difference! 


How about trying a steam first to loosen up the debris in your pores (blackheads as you know is material in your pores exposed to air).  If you have some chamomile tea bags, boil a small pot of water and steep 2-3 bags for five minutes ( you can use peppermint or green if you have it).  Drape a towel over your head and steam for five minutes (use the time to relax, listen to sme music!). 


Then, if you don't have a facial brush or soft scrubby, use a washcloth to apply your facial cleanser in gentle circular motions. Use a cleanser with 2% salacylic acid or 5% Benzoyl Peroxide (10% is too drying).  Wash for 60 seconds (especially at night!) - really - count to 60 slowly.  You probably only are washing for 10-15 seconds in reality now.  Rinse the cloth and then use it to wipe of the cleanser.  Follow with several spashes of warm water and pat dry. 


Immediately apply a moisturizer with salacylic acid or one designed for oily skin.   Use a topical medication for the large pimples (Clean&Clear or Neutrogena make great ones).  


In the morning, if your face is not oily, just rinse in the shower and follow the moisturizing and zit cream.  If it is, wash for 30 seconds vs. 60 using a cloth or scrubby. 


Gentle exfoliation is the key.  I agree with the glycolic exfoliation if your skin can tolerate it.  Grab a sample of  Kate Somerville ExfloiKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment.  It's wonderful and you use it once a week ( Alex at Sephora told me to store in refrigerator since it is made of mostly fruit enzymes).  If you can tolerate it (Alex also said don't bother with the gentle version or you might as well not get it at all), the line has a small tube for $19.  It takes only a pea size (literally) to do your face so it will last a long time!


Best of luck- you need to be patient (hard I know when it's your face we're talking about!) but most products really need 4-6 weeks to really kick in!  

Re: Evil Blackheads

Depending on how you are taking care of your skin.


Regular gentle exfoliation (like every other day) will help you unclog your pores. A good cleanser is important because if it's too moisturizing or feel like it leaves a film/stuff on your face, it can clog your pore and cause break out, but if it's too drying or harsh and you don't have a good moisturizer, it could make your skin flaky.


I have combination skin (dry cheeks, but oily everywhere else), and I use Clinique 7 day cream scrub (or exfoliating scrub when I need some extra strength), Clinique moisturizer for oily skin (L'Oreal 360 clear in the green bottle is my low-end fav), Clinique Toner 2, and whatever moisturizer depending on the season (gel cream/lotion in the summer, creamy cream in the winter, also depends on your skin type and environment)

Re: Evil Blackheads

major exfoliation is key. something like a high percentage glycolic acid cleanser is great. doing this regularly (as long as your skin tolerates it) keeps the cell debris turnover high not allowing the build up that causes black heads. it will take a couple of weeks to see the difference but it help. i was the same way and this is the only thing that has worked for me.

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