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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Cystic acne: Your advice?

I'm in my 30s and have cystic acne on occasion.  The most frustrating thing I think we'd all agree on is how dang long it takes to make them go away!  I'd love to hear from those of you who've dealt with these.  How do you make them go away?  How long do they stay for you?  What do you use to cover them, especially since they don't break the skin like a pimple but are just raised lumps? Thanks, and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Re: Cystic acne: Your advice?

Well said!  THANK YOU for taking the time to reply!  This is miserable to be in my 30s with less-than-great skin.  UGH!

Re: Cystic acne: Your advice?

have you tried visiting a dermatologist? The only thing that worked on my very persistent angry EVIL cystic bumps was my derm prescribed regimen. The best thing that worked were oral antibiotics. 


I've actually heard of many cases where clarisonic just made cystic acne worse. Most cystic acne, as we know, is caused by hormonal, internal issues. While the clarisonic is great at purging the skin of impurities on the surface, external level, it doesnt counteract the hormone/bacteria issues inside our bodies. That's why antibiotics helped and other otc creams barely made a dent..on my cystic bumps at least..

Re: Cystic acne: Your advice?

No, no derm appt...yet.  I'm a nurse, so I try diligently to stay off antibiotics unless they're truly needed.  But, THANK YOU for your reply and added thoughts on the Clairsonic vs. real issues with cystic acne.  Crazy!

Re: Cystic acne: Your advice?

Hi Jenny! I have to agree with elnxio. Try to get your dermatologist to prescribe you an antiobiotic, if youre comfortable with it. I turned thirty this year and although i still have acne, i have to say that it is completely different from when i was a teen. Cleansers and topical solutions worked well for me then but since cystic acne doesnt really surface, the medication never gets to it. I have heard that hot compressions help it come up but who would want that? lol. good luck!


Re: Cystic acne: Your advice?

Thank you so much for replying!  It's almost a 4 cyst day today.  Argh!!!!!

Re: Cystic acne: Your advice?

If you cant get to the derm, try the Burt's Bee Acne kit. I just bought it today because I love the acne face lotion and toner. The kit comes with the lotion, spot treatment and cleansing gel. I was researching reviews on the kit and a bunch of the reviewers rec. this kit for cystic acne. Some even said it was cured. I strongly sugggest the toner as well, about $10. The kit itself is about $30. Check out the reviews. Good luck! Oh and garlic is natures antibiotic. So up the garlic in your diet! Its good for you and even topically applied, it wont hurt you. I try to go holistic route if I can. :^)

Re: Cystic acne: Your advice?

LOVE Burt's Bees!  I've heard a little about their skin care, so ill def have to do more looking into it.  Thank you!!

Re: Cystic acne: Your advice?

As others have said, an oral antibiotic can make a BIG difference and is worth seeing a dermatologist about. I am on that, birth control, and use a topical cream (tazorac) and it's helped so much.


In terms of makeup, I recommend the MakeUp Forever full cover concealer. It's oil free and practically waterproof and highly pigmented. Make sure you get matched with the right color because if it's off, it will look off.


It's pretty thick so I have found that for covering cystic acne, it's best to warm up a drop of concealer in the palm of my hand, stipple it on the cyst with my finger to cover the area, and then use a tiny brush to blend it. A little bit of product goes a long way. It did not irritate any of my acne because it's oil free. I would have been LOST without this product when my acne was at its worst.


For powders, I have used LORAC's wet/dry foundation. That seems to provide coverage without looking cakey.


My routine was to apply foundation (Makeup Forever HD), then concealer on the big cysts, and then dust the powder with a kabuki brush. Most people didn't know I even had an acne problem.


Good luck!!

Re: Cystic acne: Your advice?

Wow!  Great ideas!  Really wanted to try the MUFE HD, but my Sephora store steered me away from it saying it would break down with oil production.  ???  


THANK YOU TONS for taking the time & energy to reply!

Re: Cystic acne: Your advice?

I don't think you need the HD foundation for any particular reason. I used it because it was what I already had that was full coverage. As long as you have a fairly full cover foundation that works for you, I think the MUFE concealer would blend on top of it.  

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