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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

Cystic acne: Your advice?

I'm in my 30s and have cystic acne on occasion.  The most frustrating thing I think we'd all agree on is how dang long it takes to make them go away!  I'd love to hear from those of you who've dealt with these.  How do you make them go away?  How long do they stay for you?  What do you use to cover them, especially since they don't break the skin like a pimple but are just raised lumps? Thanks, and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Re: Cystic acne: Your advice?

So, so, so much to think about!  Since I posted this, I've now birthed 3 cysts.  Yep, I'm feeling absolutely stunning with all this going on!  To all of you that have posted replies so far, THANK YOU.  Your support, sweet words, and advice are so appreciated!  

Re: Cystic acne: Your advice?

Hi Jenny! I have had this same exact problem for a couple years now. Clarisonic was like I took a wire brush to my skin, made my cystic 58947358234 times worse after one use, thank god I let them try it on me at a local place before I bought one. The only thing I've had a derm put me on that helped at one point was Obagi.... It was extremely expensive though and after about 2 months did nothing for me. The best success I've had is actually stepping back and cutting out a ton of stuff I was using. PTR products have been my absolute lifesaver. The best ones have been those that contain glycolic acid. Another thing is making sure to use a moisturizer with no extras, oil-free, no fragrance. REN is my other huge lifesaver here recently. Any of their products have been great. The face polish will rid you of any dead skin cells and from my experience the more I promote cell turnover the less cystic I get. I try to not wear makeup on the weekend if I can help it or at least less and this gives my face a nice break. I hope this helps! I know how horrible it can be! 

Re: Cystic acne: Your advice?

Yes, stepping back.  Simplifying.  Most definitely doesn't hurt to do that!  THANK YOU for sharing and giving your thoughts!

Re: Cystic acne: Your advice?

1 cyst cleared and another at its peak.  Research show dairy triggers acne like this, but I can't give up milk!!!  Chocolate milk is a must every soon often.  I don't drink coffee at all, so cut me some slack!  Ugh!

Re: Cystic acne: Your advice?

FINALLY!  All 3 cysts are gone, baby, gone!  I wore absolutely ZERO concealer today.  Thank you, lawd!  (...and Neosporin...and peroxide...and salicylic acid...and ice packs...)

Re: Cystic acne: Your advice?

I don't use it as often as I should (as in a few weeks every couple of months) but I find retinol really helps keep the cysts away. At first I get a little purging, but they subside quickly. My fave is PTR Retinol Fushion PM. It's an oil-free serum, that is so silky. I use a thicker moisturizer when on a retinol kick so I don't get dry patches. 

I can't give up dairy, I love cheese too much Smiley Sad but yes it's a culprit of those annoying cysts 

Re: Cystic acne: Your advice?

Yep, I'm not parting with my chocolate milk.  No way!!

Re: Cystic acne: Your advice?

Hey, I have honestly tried it all. Murad, PTR (Kit & Face Pads), Boscia, Clairsonic (didnt do a thing, all it does is further irritates your skin), Mario Badescu, Soap&Glory, Ole Heriksen. 


So I did my research through the american dermatological association. I read benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria causing acne. With that being said this was 1 month ago. 


I decided to stick to a

mild cleanser: LUSH fresh farmacy (leaves my skin soft, not oily, but enough moisture, super clean feeling and its vegan) 

treatment: neutrogena on the spot benzoyl peroxide 3.7

moisturizer: (something moisturizing since BP is drying) LUSH enzymion moisturizer vegan also/ Bobbi brown hydrating gel moisturizer. 


After the years of battle i found something that works for me, i did research on my skin type and came up with this routine. It has been months of research and sleepless nights but I found some products that work. Trial and error, but according to the American Association benzoyl peroxide kills the bacteria causing acne although some poeple it may not work and because its not used properly.


But this was my exprience and my opinion. Hope this helps. Smiley Happy 




Re: Cystic acne: Your advice?

So the BB Hydrating Gel Mtzr wasn't too heavy or greasy?

Re: Cystic acne: Your advice?

One more thing i forgot to mention, a dermatologist told me that you can only control acne since it is part of your genes sort of. She also said only use mineral based makeup that would not penetrate through pores, NO foundation or any oily makeup. 


On the weekend at night I use Dr Dennis Gross peals extra strength for my skin , those have helped in great amount with scars. 


I use Bare Minerals Matte foundation covers very well too. I also use their blush as well. Smiley Happy 

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